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Zulifqar Ali Bhutto Writes to Supreme Court of Pakistan

Exclusive Report by Dr Shahid Qureshi : –

Friday 24 December 2010
Honourable Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry
Chief Justice,
Supreme Court of Pakistan,

Dear Sir,

Benazir Bhutto’s Murder: Father (Zulifqar Ali Bhutto) Seeks Justice

I am not in a position to present myself in your Court to seek justice for the murder of my daughter Benazir Bhutto on 27th December 2007, in Rawalpindi . I am aware that this government has overloaded Supreme Court of Pakistan with too many issues to distract as well as undermine. I hope you will find some time to look into this case as its resolution would save many more killings in future.

I know you must be thinking why I am writing to you to seek justice when Benazir Bhutto’s (Pinky’s) ex-husband Asif Ali Zardari son of Hakim Ali Zardari former member of ANP and owner of Bambino Cinema Karachi , is the most powerful and richest man and President of Pakistan . I believe Asif Zardari is part of the problem in resolving the murder than part of the solution. I am not saying it is a domestic violence matter but to some extent her marriage with Asif Zardari proved to be ‘poisonous and lethal’ for Pakistan Peoples Party and Benazir Bhutto. His greed to become rich and richer made Benazir weak, vulnerable and compromised. In desperation she made mistake of relying too much on US, UK and even Israelis for protection.

Here are some extracts of the published articles written by Dr Shahid Qureshi concerning the murder of Benazir Bhutto published in The London Post, which might help the high level Judicial Commission which you might consider forming for the murder enquiry.

1. Benazir Bhutto Murder & United Nations Report: Benazir – Zia ul Haq and Pakistani Somoza’s, 19th April 2010, by Dr Shahid Qureshi
2. Benazir Bhutto requested Israel for Protection, By Dr Shahid Qureshi, 22nd April 2010
3. Benazir had no choice but to die? By Dr Shahid Qureshi, 24th April 2010
4. Zardari ‘Caused’ Bhuttos (Benazir & Murtaza) deaths? By Dr Shahid Qureshi, 27th April 2010
5. Benazir Killed in Capturing Pak Nukes? By Dr Shahid Qureshi, 3rd January 2008
6. Rehman Malik’s ‘Spy Agency Shaffaf Limited’s role in Benazir Bhutto’s murder? Private Spy/Detective Agency in London . SHAFFAF LIMITED, SUITE 101-102, 38 EDGWARE ROAD , LONDON , W2 2EW Company No. 03908422, Status: Active, Date of Incorporation: 18/01/2000

(1) Benazir Bhutto Murder & United Nations Report: Benazir – Zia ul Haq and Pakistani Somoza’s

After reading 64 pages pointless UN report costing Rs. 10 million per page makes people wonder that Mr Zardari is as compromised as Benazir Bhutto and Ijazul Haq after their father’s assassinations by a ‘friendly fire’. That is why people say we help put the fire out in the neighbour’s house because it will come to over door sooner or later.

Benazir Bhutto might be alive today had she properly investigated General Zia ul Haq’s C-130 plane crash on 17th August 1988 and not involved herself in cover up? Like President Zardari now Benazir Bhutto was direct beneficiary of the C-130 military plane crash. As prime minister of Pakistan , Benazir Bhutto sent a direct threatening message to a Pakistan Air Force officer Group Captain Zaheer Zaidi, who broke the code of crash and got crucial evidence proving that C-130 Crash was a sabotage not accident.

Benazir Bhutto’s State Minister for Defence Ghulam Sarwar Cheema, during his stay as a guest of the PAF Chief at the Lower Topa VIP Guest House near Muree, from 5 to 8 May 1989, summoned Group Captain Zaheer Zaidi and said: “Mr. I have brought a message of BB (Benazir Bhutto) to you; it is: (a) It was an act of God, (b) Let the dead sleep peacefully in their graves, (c) Whoever wants to ask anything in this matter should telephone God, (d) You will not say anything on this subject; in future keep your mouth shut.” This was a clear threat to Zaidi.”

“On 18 March 1989, (in the month of Ramazan), there was an Iftar party at the Intelligence School , Guldana Camp, in the hill resort of Ghora Gali. The chief guest at the party was Colonel (retired) Ghulam Sarwar Cheema, who was then Minister of State for Defence [in Ms Bhutto’s government]. Group Captain Zaheer Zaidi, being the Commander of the nearby PAF Base, Lower Topa , was also invited to the party. Finding an opportunity, Zaidi mentioned the subject of the inquiry into the C-130 crash to the Minister. Cheema told him to keep quiet and said that he would come to the Lower Topa Base to talk to him on the subject. Zaidi, at that time, had no idea that Ghulam Sarwar Cheema was a close relative of Major General Sarfaraz Cheema who had ordered CMH Bahawalpur to stop the post-mortems of the dead bodies.

On 19 July 1989, Group Captain Zaheer Zaidi was informed that he was no longer needed at the Lower Topa Base; therefore his services were being placed at the disposal of the Pakistan Navy. Zaidi was transferred on secondment to the Navy, from where he was sent on retirement on 5 August 1991. Group Captain Zaheer Zaidi, was president of the standing Accident Investigation Board of the Pakistan Air Force.

On 22 September 1989, the American team signed on the report. On 25 September, the Pakistani team hosted a dinner for the Americans at a Chinese restaurant in Islamabad . The next day at the American Chancellery, Robert Oakley invited the Pakistanis and the Americans to a cocktail party. After initial formalities, Robert Oakley addressed the Pakistani team and said: “Gentlemen, I have been informed that sabotage is being cited as the real cause of the crash. We cannot help the dead, but can help the living. Therefore, it will be better that instead of sabotage, technical fault is mentioned as the real cause of the crash. If that is not done, then your country would be involved in a war with your neighbouring country.”

Zulifqar Ali Bhutto and his daughter Benazir were intelligent, articulate and brave politicians. Z.A. Bhutto was not corrupt and so was Benazir until she married Asif Zardari. They both killed in friendly fire including her brother Murtaza Bhutto who was killed by the police in broad daylight in front of his house while Mr. Zardari was in power and his sister Benazir Bhutto was prime minister of Pakistan .

Now it sounds like Bilawal Zardari is in the same position on 27th December 2007, where Benazir Bhutto was on 4th July 1979 after allegedly US sponsored ‘judicial murder’ of her father Zulifqkar Ali Bhutto, former federal minister Ijazul Haq son of General ZiaulHaq was on 17th August 1988, C-130 plane crash? In all the above eliminations fingers were pointed to Pakistan ’s so called best friend United States . The irony is that all the above victims had the ‘governmental powers’ to get to the bottom of the ‘murders’ but due to the mysterious compromises none had been brave enough. What other explanation Zardari regime could have for not properly investigating Ms Bhutto’s murder apart from that as some one said:

“Shreek-e- jurm na hotaa to mukhberee kartaa
Humain khabar hay lotaroon kay har thekanay kee”

Translation: (if we were) not part of the crime we would have informed (police) (Because) we know hideouts of the criminals (looters)

As far as UN investigation report is concerned it proved to be useless white wash and waste of time. It cost millions to poor people and over two years with zero out come. Surely there are very competent officers in Pakistan who could solve this murder but Asif Zardari went to UN. It is like one goes to a car mechanic for heart attack. The real reason as some people said it was to blackmail the army and security institutions including ISI. He never visited Pakistani troops on the front like President Obama and British PM did to boost the morale.

United Nations proved to be a spineless and toothless talk shop in need of overhauling as per the needs of 21st century. It is not a police station or crime investigation body and has no means to do murder enquires?

The uncles of Benazir Bhutto including Hakim Ali Zardari, and their attorney Yahiya Bakthiar had her father hanged by making unnecessary prolonging and making irrelevant emotional defense statements in the court resulted in retirement of the judges who could be in favour of Mr Bhutto.

Zardari regime is doing the same delaying thing to cover up? They are making simple legal and criminal matters moral and political. There is a lack of vision and maturity in the PPP leadership. People are very well aware with ‘dry run exercise’ in Sind province soon after the assassination of Benazir Bhutto on 27th December 2007, by the foreign perpetrators and their agents.

Zulifqar Ali Bhutto (ZAB) was a visionary statesman and his daughter Benazir Bhutto inherited some of his qualities. They both eliminated in as people say ‘US friendly fires’. US is in habit of putting too much pressure on its friends in the end they collapse with the ‘do more’ demanding attitude. No doubt they have long line of replacements but leaders are not company directors.

International plotters are investing on grooming of Bilawal Zardari and Bakthawar Zardari paid by the Pakistani taxpayers? Approximately over £ 1.4 million has been paid to the British Police to provide protection to Bilawal Zaradri. On the other hand half Afghani Fatima Bhutto is also in the line to rule.

The leaders and politicians of Pakistan will continue to be assassinated until ‘Pakistani Somoza’s are exposed and brought to justice. The US President Franklin D Roosevelt reportedly said in 1939 about Anastasio Somoza García the non communist Nicaraguan ruthless dictator, “Somoza may be a son of a bitch, but he’s our son of a bitch”.

(2) Benazir Bhutto requested Israel for Protection
In the past leaders of the developing countries knowingly to do things with the assumptions that no one is going to know. Though media in Pakistan is developing but it has changed the outlook of the people. The sons and daughters of former Unionists and colonial loyalists, who should have been hanged for treason are now become champions of democracy in Pakistan . The Bhuttos are no different who stayed in power by supporting military dictators or making (NRO) deals with the dictators.
When they are abroad no one in the streets of Pakistan knows whom they meet and how they sell the interests of the state of Pakistan . They wine and dine with the open enemies of Pakistan and make corruption a moral issue when it suits them. They ignore the national interests to achieve their goals. This is what late Benazir Bhutto did?

“(Israeli) Mossad Snubbed Bhutto’s Protection Request”, on 28th December 2007 an Israeli website reported that “Slain Pakistani opposition leader Benazir Bhutto “desperately” asked the CIA, Scotland Yard, and Israel ‘s Mossad to assist in her personal protection in the weeks before her assassination, Maariv reported. Bhutto said that, ‘President Pervez Musharaf’s men would not let her protect herself adequately: she was not allowed to use dark-paned windows in her motorcade or use equipment for location of roadside explosives. She suspected Musharaf wanted to make her an easy target for assassins.

In Israel , discussions were held on the subject between, The Foreign Ministry, which supported the request, Mossad and other bodies involved with protection of VIPs. No decision was reached because Israel was concerned about upsetting the Pakistani or Indian regimes. The paper reports that Bhutto sent e-mail to one of her confidantes in Washington, an American named Mark Siegel, in which she said that if something happened to her, she blames Musharaf. She asked Siegel not to make the e-mail public unless she was assassinated.” On the other hand almost all the international leaders, UN Security Council, including Israeli leadership condemned the killings.

The Jerusalem Post reported on 28th December 2007, ‘Israeli leaders paid tribute to slain Pakistani opposition leader Benazir Bhutto, even though Israel and Pakistan do not have diplomatic ties. “I saw her as someone who could have served as a bridgehead to relations with that part of the Muslim world with whom our ties are naturally limited,” Prime Minister Ehud Olmert told The Jerusalem Post.

“Upon her return to Pakistan two months ago, (Benazir) Bhutto had stopped in London and, through a mutual acquaintance, relayed a message that she would “in the future like to strengthen the ties between Israel and Pakistan ,” Israeli Prime Minister (Ehud) Olmert said. He called Pakistan a “very important country,” and said he hoped the assassination would not lead to anarchy there, which would not bring “anything positive to the region or beyond.”
Israeli President Shimon Peres said, ‘he was shocked by Bhutto’s killing: “Benazir Bhutto was a brave woman, who did not hide her opinions, did not know fear, and served her people with courage and rare capability,” he said in statement. “I had the chance to meet her on several occasions, in which she expressed interest in Israel and said that she (Benazir Bhutto) hoped to visit upon returning to power,” Peres said. “Benazir was a charismatic leader and a fighter for peace in her country and across the world.”

Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations Dan Gillerman recalled a meeting he had with (Benazir) Bhutto just prior to her return (18th October 2007) to Pakistan . “My wife and I had an intimate dinner with her and her husband (now President Zardari),” he said. “We spent over three hours with them. She was an incredibly impressive person, one of the most impressive in terms of her intellect, charm, and charisma that I’ve ever met.” Gillerman said, ‘Bhutto was interested in normalizing relations with Israel . “She was interested in me relaying that information to Washington and the US , which I did,” he said. “We were in touch since that meeting by e-mail several times and she expressed concern about her personal safety.”

Gillerman said (Benazir) Bhutto had spoken about her fears of Pakistan falling into the hands of Islamic extremists. “She shared with us her plans to return Pakistan to democracy,” he said. “She was very well aware of the problems facing her; she knew she was endangering her life by returning. I think she met with us to share with Israel , and through Israel , both her plans, fears and dreams.” A Foreign Ministry official said the possibility of sending a representative to Bhutto’s funeral was “not even on the agenda,” because of Israel ‘s lack of diplomatic ties with Pakistan .

According to Wolf Blitzer of CNN (former spokes-person for American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), ‘Bhutto left him a letter that blamed Musharaf in the event she was assassinated. Questions are being asked why with Wolf Blitzer and not any one of her most trusted personal or political allies within her own party, family, or staff?

She admitted assisting Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Ghandi against ‘Sikh insurgency’. “Does India recall how I helped curb the Sikh militancy? India was in a mess and Rajiv asked for help.” She told Outlook Magazine published on 31st December 2007. Does anyone remember that it was I, who kept my promise to Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi when we met and he appealed to me for help in tackling the Sikhs? Has India forgotten December 1988? Have they forgotten the results of that meeting and how I helped curb the Sikh militancy?”

The problem with Pakistani feudal and industrialist ‘pay as you go’ politicians is that, they consider themselves above the law and politicise every issue. Most of them have their loyalties signed outside Pakistan . They are the enemies of the state?

If Benazir Bhutto was making promises to improve relations with Israel with the State of Pakistan, which not even recognise Israel , and doing illicit business with Indian Prime Minister Rajive Ghandi an open enemy, what should people of Pakistan call this? What kinds of people are ruling Pakistan and how to detox and cleanse country from this toxic ‘filthy rich mess’?

A senior analyst said, “Problem is, US thinks people in Pakistan don’t understand its real plans? The only people who don’t understand or don’t want to understand the real plan of Pakistan’s denuclearisation and disintegration are US’s planted ‘delivery boys’ like Ahmed Mukhtar, Mehmood Durani, Farooq Naik, Hussain Haqqani, Rehman Malik and girls like Sherbano Rehman and Farah Isphani. Fact of the matter is those who understand the US policy, designs and plans are obviously not on its side, these are the people US must engage with for greater peace and accept that ‘its policy has failed’ and new policy is needed? People know where every body are and what they are up to.” Time to come out of denial?

(3) Benazir had no choice but to die?
I spoke to Benazir Bhutto face to face on 20th July 2007 at International Institute of Strategic Studies in London , when I asked her vision about Kashmir issue and solutions beyond borders. She was glowing with happiness and confidence. I could see some kind confidence on her face as if all the boxes have been ticked and she is going to walk into throne. I gave my article about Islamabad Red Mosque Operation “Nation is Traumatized Mr President (Musharaf) ” published in the Frontier Post on that day. I said to her ‘consider going back to Pakistan in the current situation’. She looked at me as if saying, ‘it is too late’ and put article in her purse’.

Wajidshamusl Hassan current High Commissioner of Pakistan in London , M. Ziaudin, senior editor of Dawn Newspaper (now Editor Express Tribune) and writer, sat down in a café at Temple Tube station in front of IISS to discuss the speech. Though Mr. Hassan was advisor to late Benazir Bhutto but Rehman Malik by passed all the senior political workers and cronies like him. Why? Mr Hasan is not more than ‘house niger ’ of Zardari household in London .

It was the same meeting at IISS, where Rehman Malik claimed to have arrested ‘Ramzi Yousaf’ while talking to a senior Arab Journalist. For the record at that time there was no anti terrorist cell in FIA when Mr. Malik was on the job. But an ISI team arrested ‘Ramzi Youasf’ which was despatched from Lahore under the supervision of very senior officer’. Rehman Malik is nothing but a key holder of multi billion Corruption Empire of Zardari. He is next in the line to join Khalid Shenshah (Ms Bhutto’s chief security officer appointed by Zardari) as Malik knows too much? Why is Zaradari rewarding Rehman Mailk who took backup car ‘life line vehicle’ of Ms Bhutto from the scene just before the blast as if he knew about it? Why there was no reconstruction of the whole incident as suggested by the British Scotland Yard?

Zardari is too busy clearing Mailk’s name as if it is going to affect his British Nationality application? Malik was dismissed from his job on the corruption charges. Now Zardari has issued an order converting his ‘disgraceful dismissal to honorable retirement with full benefit’. It is like one crook scratching back of another thief.

It seems Benazir Bhutto was mostly relying on Indian and Western sources for information and assessments about Pakistan . The quality of advisors like Hussain Haqqani, Rehman Malik, (36 weeks PhD holder) Babar Awan, and others around her at the time was very low.

I wrote on 25th July 2007 in The Frontier Post: “Benazir Bhutto lectured about the future of democracy in Pakistan at the International Institute of Strategic Studies in London on 20th July 2007. She was going on about the increase of extremism in Pakistan . I asked her what you would do when the root causes of spreading of extremism are beyond the borders of Pakistan and there are more than two million afghan refugees living in Pakistan , some are also involved in terrorism according to reports. Her response does not worth mentioning because it was based on the reports in western and Indian media. She is not aware with the ground realities now and how people of Pakistan are thinking. There is a high probability of her becoming a terrorist target in Pakistan ”.

She was eliminated because none of the guarantors and launchers trusted her. She was a person who followed the line of interests and that is how she beat Nawaz Sharif in political manoeuvrings. Zulifqar Ali Bhutto was a great statesman and leader though trained under a ‘dictator’s umbrella’ but not corrupt and so was his daughter late Benazir Bhutto.

I wrote in ‘The Frontier Post’ on 17th October 2007, “The game plan is taking shape and becoming more and more visible. Musharraf and Benazir are like clay pigeons, which could be shot at any time according to some analysts. In Pakistan Benazir and Altaf Hussain are no different than Chilbis and Karzais. Benazir is promising to provide full access to Dr AQ Khan for interrogation and intention to invite US forces to operate in Pakistan as if they are not already secretly. Does any one wonder why Mr Bin Laden always helped President Bush by releasing his messages just before the last US elections and other low ratings moments and now Benazir by allegedly threatening to eliminate her? I don’t see any future of Benazir”.

The US Plan was not changed even after the death of Benazir Bhutto because Asif Zardari who had free coaching lessons from the CIA while in United Stated according to some sources replaced her. He and his wife have been having ‘intimate dinners’ with Dan Gillerman, Israeli ambassador to the United Nations with his wife. What was the reason to meet and dine with the officials of a country whom Pakistan doesn’t recognize it exists? If it was any body else he or she would be jailed by now?

As a shrewd crook Zardari has learn the trick of ‘bypassing the official system of government’ to deliver the goods. That is the most effective way of espionage. That is how delivery and rent boys Zaradri’s PSO Salman Farooqi and Rehman Malik got four US (Blackwater/CIA) agents released from the police custody and handed over to the US embassy in Islamabad , without charge. These agents allegedly were arrested in a 4×4 about two miles from sensitive Kahuta Nuclear Plant. They were dressed like Taliban and talking in Pashto and had explosives and sensitive equipment in the vehicle. Was that a plan to take over Pakistan ’s nuclear assets by Hollywood style ‘Balckwater/Xe’ dirty operation?

One theory can be that the same people who launched Ms Bhutto third time with the support of locals eliminated her? Zardari gang, Rehman Malik and Hussain Haqqani and others are the people who are not only corrupt and compromised but also have their loyalties signed outside. They are ‘The Asset Plus’ of foreign governments including US, India and Israel .

Since his entry into Presidency we have seen a stream of visits by the US officials, politicians, senators, and generals almost all of them supporting Zardari. “They all come to put pressure on the armed forces and opposition leaders not to bother our man”, said a senior analyst.

(4) Zardari ‘caused’ Bhutto’s deaths?

Zardari’s greed and corruption made Benazir Bhutto vulnerable, desperate, compromised and open to abuse. Her father Z A Bhutto and grandfather Sir Shah Nawaz Bhutto were prime ministers, highly educated and were not involved in any reported financial corruption. Zardari who proved to be ‘funeral director’ of Bhutto’s was no match. It is a typical princess, pirate and parrot story. Unfortunately due to the greed of pirate (Zardari) and Parrot (Rehman Malik), a people’s Princess is dead. The clever princess build bridges with the ‘Shrek’ and signed charter of democracy, whom Zardari now call humpty dumpty.

Benazir Bhutto being a typical Asian Muslim woman inside swallowed her pride. She told a senior journalist in USA at a coffee shop, “if I divorce (Zardari) him, my children will lose their father, I am a politician and people might take advantage”. She knew full well who else was visiting Zardari and his dog while he was living in the US .

Benazir was continuously trying to sell herself to the foreign guarantors of the deal. Her inner anxieties and tensions were obvious like she never switched herself. Why? What made her so vulnerable, weak and compromising that she kept on making mistakes and nobody around her intervened? Who told her to open the roof of the bullet and bombproof car? It is reported that she was on the phone with her kids and probably it was Zardari who told her to open soft roof of her car to wave and greet people. Some one might have the recordings of those calls? May be her friends?

No doubt Benazir Bhutto was from a rich and wealthy feudal family close to the British Raj, on the other hand her husband Asif Ali Zardari ‘Mr nobody’ never missed any chance of making money in her both governments according to reports. One analyst said, ’she died defending Asif Zardari’s all kinds of corruption resulted in her self exile of eight years and compromises she had to make”.

Zardari regime, direct beneficiary of her tragic death seems not interested in solving her murder. It went to UN for murder investigation and wasted two years. Now they are wasting time into find out who ordered the cleaning up of the crime scene. The most important questions are: (a) who ordered (b) who carried out (c) who are the local accomplices (d) why Rehman Malik and Babar Awan ran off with her ‘life line car’ and took security with them, leaving her open to be executed (e) why her security team and police completely ignored the ‘cut throat’ signs made by her security chief ‘now dead, Khalid Shenshah during her speech?
A senior security analyst Ikram Sehgal wrote in The News on 21st April 2010: “The driver of the back-up vehicle ensures that at all times he keeps “hugging” the lead vehicle, he must ensure that no other vehicle comes in between. The back-up vehicle cannot be separated from the lead vehicle; the two have to stay together as if they were Siamese twins. The back-up vehicle is not meant as a passenger vehicle, but usually there are guards in the vehicle. These guards will disembark during an emergency and shift the VIP from the lead vehicle. The VIP can then be expeditiously spirited away from the ambush site. Under no circumstances can the back-up vehicle have any persons other than guards as occupants. That would be a serious breach of security.

In Ms Bhutto’s convoy at Liaquat Bagh, the back-up vehicle had unauthorized occupants; it was being misused by the man in charge of Ms Benazir security from the PPP side, Rahman Malik. Dr Babar Awan along with Farhatullah Babar and Lt Gen (R) Tauqir Zia climbed in with him as passengers. As per the findings of the UN Report, the back-up vehicle left the ambush site, abandoning the VIP vehicle and did not stop till they reached Zardari House in Islamabad . The PPP’s leader was thus left stranded grievously injured in a vehicle that was badly damaged and was running on rims. One can just imagine the horrendous situation inside the car. Ms Benazir lying critically injured, the blood seeping out of her head and the occupants of the car, Makhdoom Amin Fahim, Senator Safdar Abbasi, Nahid Khan and the driver in a state of shock, their leader literally dying before their eyes”.

I have seen insecure Rehman Malik always wanted to sit in the front row in the eye lines of Ms Bhutto. But then how come he left her dying and ran off with her backup car? Irony is that Zardari showering him with roses and seems to be rewarding him to get his wife killed? Rehman Malik was ordered to remain low profile by Ms Bhutto while Zardari was on forced gardening leave’.

“I (Ghunva Bhutto) wanted her (Benazir Bhutto) just explain to me the killing of Murtaza (Bhutto)” (by the police in Karachi while she was the Prime Minister of the country) said Murtaza’s wife Ghunva Bhutto on 30th December 2007 in an interview with Burkha Dutt of Indian channel NDTV. Fatima Bhutto pointed finger to Asif Zardari for the murder of her father in an article published in The News.

Fatima Bhutto claimed that crime scene was washed to remove the evidence of her father’s murder. The main eyewitness police Inspector Haq Nawawz Sial was killed in his own house like Khalid Shenshah chief security officer of Benazir Bhutto in front of his house. Coincidently on both occasions at the time of eliminations of Murtaza Bhutto and Benazir Bhutto’s murder witnesses, Mr Zardari is/was in power. He proved to be true eliminator and funeral director of Bhutto’s?

Aljazeera TV asked me in an interview after the death of Ms Bhutto, “what was President Musharaf not already doing, which Benazir could do for”? It is a million dollar question and sometimes US put too much pressure on its friends who collapse as a result be it Musharaf or Benazir’, I responded.
“Some analysts are saying, ‘keeping in view what is mentioned above and in the UN Report, Honourable Iftikhar Chaudhry, Chief Justice of Supreme Court of Pakistan should take ‘suo moto notice how government is criminally negligent and complicit into the investigations of the murder of Benazir Bhutto. Especially when Asif Zardari has publically announced that he knows who killed Ms Bhutto’, shouldn’t he be part of the investigation?

(5) Benazir Killed in Capturing Pak Nukes?
Assassination of Benazir Bhutto served many purposes to the players who want Pakistan in turmoil and chaos? Was it a friendly fire? The speed of war of words against Pakistan is enormous and certain lobbies are putting their full weight to destabilize Pakistan . Those who say just because terrorists have attacked President Musharaf of Pakistan therefore, Pakistan ’s nuclear weapons are not safe must check their brain’s functioning. US Presidents John F Kennedy was killed on a road and Ronald Regan was shot in the street, Yahizk Rabin President of Israel was shot dead in a rally, Prime Minster Indera Gandhi was shot by her guards and Prime Minister Rajiv Ghandi was killed in a suicide attack by a Tamil Hindu terrorist. All the above are nuclear powers, so shall we say their Nukes are unsafe? It sound like ‘fox and the lamb’ story?

Benazir Bhutto was surrounded and mostly influenced by non-political actors who had their loyalties signed outside Pakistan ? These are the players who want every thing from Western support to bring them in power, education, cloths, and cars but don’t want western freedom of speech, values, respect of poor people. In most democratic countries media, political and campaign advisors are mostly highly qualified professionals and not party loyalists. That is the crucial point when opportunists and power greedy politicians do not give advice to their leader as happened in Benazir Bhutto’s case. Nobody told Benazir not to open the soft rooftop of a bomb/bullet proof car because she could get hurt? One must understand that how one mistake; one violation of security rule could jeopardize one’s life. Bullet-proof cars and foreign trained bodyguards can only reduce the risks but cannot rule out dangers?

Beneficiaries and opportunists who wanted to get to the power through her surrounded Benazir. What was the point of travelling with people who could not give warning about risks? How can these incompetent passengers of Benazir’s car trusted for top job? Critics say they were waiting lioness to kill for them so they could enjoy the fruits of power and flagged cars as they did in the past? People say Influence and interference of Rehman Malik and Sherry Rehman made many PPP circles angry? Many believe both are dodgy characters? Rehman Malik himself is owner of a private Spy Agency Name & Registered Office: Companies House in the UK, SHAFFAF LIMITED, SUITE 101-102, 38 EDGWARE ROAD, LONDON, W2 2EW, Company No. 03908422, Status: Active, Date of Incorporation: 18/01/2000 in London obviously with foreign staff.

People say keeping in view what happened to Benazir; one could bet that Altaf Hussain is not going to return to Pakistan for another millennium? Well if you are frightened of seasickness best place to avoid is to sit under a tree, like Altaf Hussain and his gang sitting in a phone call centre in London ?

Stephen Cohen, from The Brookings Institution wrote on December 27th, 2007, after Benazir death, “I fear for Pakistan . Its further decay will affect all of its neighbours, Europe and the United States in unpredictable and unpleasant ways. Will it be a death blow? Can Pakistan recover as a state and as a society? It is hard to be optimistic. As I wrote in “The Idea of Pakistan” in 2003, Pakistan will face a fundamental crisis in five or six years, Benazir Bhutto’s assassination may bring that about sooner than later”.

Stephen Cohen stated “When she and her husband came to the Brookings Institution just before she departed for Pakistan , she stated a need to restore her contacts with the Pakistani people. She also displayed a far more realistic understanding of Pakistan ‘s problems and the importance of reform.”

A senior London based Military Analyst stated, “enemies (of Pakistan ) Steve Cohen included – want to turn political dissent into inter-provincial ethnic/sectarian polarization. No one seems to perceive the true nature of the danger; no one seems to be able to show leadership that such times require. But the elections are neither the problem nor the solution; they are an opportunity.”

A W ashington based military analyst responded to Stephen Cohen that, “ Pakistan has endured many tragic events in the past. Pakistan is not as delicate as some of our cynical American friends tend to believe and the Pakistani people are far more resilient than the best estimates of our many detractors. We will rise to the occasion and overcome this challenge. Steve may plan another of his books on another of his predicted crises but he may well be disappointed. Benazir’s assassination is a big national loss but the mischievous suggestions of hidden hands – this time Steve has not followed the popular formula of blaming everything on the ISI and has obliquely blamed the retired intelligence officials – probably the same who were nurtured and tutored by the CIA during the ‘Afghan JIHAD’. Could he for a while also look around and point a finger at other intelligence agencies operating in the country including RAW – who would naturally have an interest in destabilizing Pakistan . There is also a mistaken characterization in American media about Rawalpindi as a Garrison town. In any case if Pentagon can be attacked in Washington , DC why should it be so surprising if a few terrorists’ attacks happen in Rawalpindi or Islamabad ?”

Zbigniev Brzezinski once boasted (“How the US provoked the Soviet Union into invading Afghanistan and starting the whole mess”, Le Nouvel Observateur (France), Jan 15 – 21, 1998, how he succeeded to trap the Soviets in the war by starting insurgency against the socialist government long time before the Soviet troops came over to help the government.

Similarly who asked Saddam Hussein to invade Kuwait in 1990s leading to first Gulf War, full occupation and than execution of Saddam Hussein presenting as Shia revenge? Policy of divide and rule has not stopped. There was no problem of Shias and Sunnis in Iraq and else where. Critics say that, ‘’the attacks on Iraqi holly sites have multiple objectives for example warning to Iran and fanning ethno religious violence’.

Re-launching of Benazir Bhutto has another dimension which was about to be aired. Wikipedia encyclopedia wrote, “Bhutto was the eldest child of former prime minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, a Pakistani of Sindhi descent and Shia Muslim by faith, and Begum Nusrat Bhutto, a Pakistani of Iranian-Kurdish descent, of similarly Shia Muslim by faith.” Her husband Mr Asif Zaradri also belongs to Shia faith. Some foreign forces were/are going to use religion to create divide in Pakistani society?

Approximately 3% Shia population of Pakistan is very well integrated with the Sunnis. After the Iranian Revolution and Soviet invasion of Afghanistan Shia and Sunni divide happened at a minor scale resulting in bombings on each others. “Shias of Pakistan are not like Sunnis in Iran ”, former foreign minister Khurshid Kasuri told his Iranian counterpart. He was talking in the context of US invasion of Iran scenario and its impact on the region including Pakistan .

Edward Herman wrote in (ZNet Commentary, December 16, 2007), “of Great Satan and Little Satan, of the US and Israel . Whatever these two satans touch, rots. Whoever relies upon their help, loses his soul. The people of Pakistan deserve freedom, prosperity and equality, but no union with Satan will help them. Musharraf served the Great Satan, and Bhutto played ball with the Little Satan. Now the NY Times reported that the US plans to use the native mountain tribes of Pakistan to carry out their war. Unless the people of Pakistan reject Satan and his allies, be it called al Qaeda or ISI or CIA or Special troops, they won’t be free. As long as they still believe that something good can come out of Satan’s friendship, they are doomed.Their country will be dismantled, and their useless nuclear weapons won’t help them”.

One analyst said it is interesting to note that Benazir Bhutto and her husband had been lobbying and investing resources with Pro Israel Jewish lobby and also hired a Washington based Jewish lobbying firm for $160,000 for six months in mid 2007. One critic says, ‘Benazir had a long list of Pro Israel Jewish friends and was openly following their agenda.’ Look at the list of her friends and commentators on Pakistan ’s nuclear program, who are they? Bhutto requesting Israeli secret service Mossad for protection, seeking advice from Stephen Cohen, writing emails to Mark Siegel, Wolf Blitzer, reportedly sharing secrets with David Frost, relaying messages to Israeli Prime minister Ehud Olmert, meeting with President Shimon Peres at several occasions, Benazir and Zaradari having dinner with Israeli Ambassador to the UN Dan Gillerman who recalled a meeting he had with Bhutto just prior to her return to Pakistan. “My wife and I had an intimate dinner with her and her husband,” he said. “We spent over three hours with them.” WHY?

One critic said looking at the list of all Benazir’s friends above it seems like she was playing a dangerous game of pro Israeli Jews, imperialists and neo-cons to denuclearize, destabilize and disintegrate Pakistan? A well respected Jewish analyst and former US Secretary of State Hennery Kissinger once said as reported, “it is irrelevant if US punishes its enemies or not but it definitely punish its FRIENDS”.

(6) Rehman Malik’s ‘Shaffaf Limited’s role in Benazir Bhutto’s murder: Private Spy/Detective Agency in London

According to information available on his website: During 26 years active service as civil servant and as a Member of Federal Investigation Agency (Equivalent to FBI/USA), Government of Pakistan, Dr. A. Rehman Malik had held the post of Director General of FIA besides heading various regional offices of the department such as Crime Zone, Peshawar, Immigration, Interpol and National Security Cell, Ministry of Interior. The incumbency of these positions involved formulation and implementation of policy to be followed by the various sections of FIA and overseeing the investigation of cases of diverse nature. During this period of in his working in FIA he had been involved into anti-terrorism, anti-money laundering operations, which has earned him a respectable position within the world law enforcement community. In recognition of his services, the then President of Pakistan had awarded him Sitara-e-Shujaat medal (for gallantry) in 1995. He had represented Pakistan in a number of international and national conferences and seminars

Rich Experience in the field of Investigations, Security, Telecommunication General Administration & Management, and Security Consultant to Multinational Concerns. Presently running successful international business operations.
Established in the year 2000 SHAFFAF GROUP started its business in the field of security consultancy and corporate fraud investigations. Now over the years, the SHAFFAF GROUP progressed significantly and entered into divergent areas of businesses ranging from security services to building vehicles running on Compressed Air Technology (CAT), handling VoIP traffic throughout the world, became part of a consortium with world renowned partners to bring out a National Security Protection Suite, which caters all the needs of any security agency, and TV entertainment. The Group is investing heavily to ensure efficient and cost effective services in the fields of its expertise to its clients around the globe.
Following pertinent questions could be asked:

1. Almost all private detective agencies in the UK are run by ex security services/police/CID etc personals. How come a foreign national was allowed to operate a company?
2. Why Foreign Nationals /dual nationals are posted on most sensitive position in Pakistan ?
3. Is there any Law of Conflict of Interest in Pakistan ?
4. Has he signed any document to be advisor if not than he is a free man to pass on info later on because he has not signed any oath/secret service act etc?
5. If Mr. Rehman Malik was head of a security agency and an expert than why Benazir Bhutto was killed on the street and he didn’t got a scratch?
6. Why was he not travelling with her?
7. Did Rehman Malik has any knowledge about Benazir Bhutto making request to Israeli Agency MOSSAD for protection?
8. He is Business partner of Benazir Bhutto now Asif Zardari – (oil for food program, Villas in Spain ’)
9. Minimum requirement to work as a policeman in UK is British Citizenship with at least 10 years of professionals’ track record and references.
10. How come Rehman Mailk started a detective agency without being British citizenship? Or is he British citizen?
11. When Mr Malik got his client i.e. Benazir Bhutto killed for ignoring basic security principle/code, how come he becomes Security Advisor to PM, senator and now Interior Minister boss of all the intelligence agencies including ISI as establishment division’s notification making ISI under Interior Ministry is still valid? He should be sacked straightaway or resigned himself but President Zardari promoted him? That is how much Zardari loves Benazir Bhutto.
12. Who are his employers and who are they?
13. He claims that he arrested Yousaf Ramzi but in actual fact there was no anti-terror unit in FIA until 2002. One can ask him how did you do it?
14. Why he is not been investigated for removing the backup car i.e. life line of Benazir Bhutto from the scene?
15. He lied on camera about the incident and misled people of Pakistan ?

I could only provide information which is available in public domain. I hope you will find some time to look into the matter more meticulously and uncover the killers of Benazir Bhutto.
Thank you

Yours truly,
Zulifqar Ali Bhutto
Former Prime Minister
Islamic Republic of Pakistan
(Details available on Companies House Website. One can get full details of directors etc by paying a small fee)
Name & Registered Office: Companies House in the UK
Company No. 03908422
Status: Active
Date of Incorporation: 18/01/2000
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Company Type: Private Limited Company
Nature of Business (SIC(03)):
7460 – Investigation & security
Accounting Reference Date: 31/05
Last Accounts Made Up To: 31/05/2006 (TOTAL EXEMPTION SMALL)
Next Accounts Due: 31/03/2008
Last Return Made Up To: 18/01/2007
Next Return Due: 15/02/2008 OVERDUE
Last Members List: 18/01/2007
Previous Names: No previous name information has been recorded over the last 20 years.
Branch Details: There are no branches associated with this company.
Overseas Company Info: There are no Overseas Details associated with this company
Name & Registered Office:
Business address:
Shaffaf Limited (Security and Detective Agency)
Dr A Rehman Malik, Crown House Suit, 603 – 604, North Circular Road
London , NW10 7PN
Dr. Malik is Managing Director of SHAFFAF LIMITED – dealing in security consultancy and investigation of corporate frauds. He is also Chairman of RODCOM-EUROPE LIMITED, MDI-MEA, Vice Chairman of gfta, President of DM Digital TV and RYSTONE HOLDINGS. He is Honorary Consul General of Republic of Niger in UK .

All the above companies are growing fast with good annual turnovers.
List of British Detective Agencies
For more information on the services the Group is providing please follow the relevant links on the left side of the page.
38 Edgware Road , London W 2 2EH.
Tel: +44(0)20 7724 5020 – Fax: +44 (0) 20 7806 0651 – Mobile: +44 (0) 7980 829 385
Email: managingdirector@shaffafgroup.com
directoroperations@shaffafgroup.com, info@shaffafgroup.com
RODCOM-EUROPE (Company directed by Mr Malik)
Email: rm@rodcom-europe.com
Email: directorops@mdi-mea.com

(Dr Shahid Qureshi is investigative journalist and writer on foreign policy, terrorism & security based in London)

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