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Zainab Murder exposes Police Corruption and Risks to National Security of Pakistan

By Dr Shahid Qureshi:-

Brutal killing and rape of 8 years old girl ‘Zainab’ in the border city of Kasur sparked country wide protest after police completely failed to arrest the criminals. The worse thing Punjab police did is killed three protesters with the direct firing.

Three years ago, Punjab police killed 14 innocent civilians, injured over 100 people in Model Town Lahore. Police brutality is not new in Pakistan. It has become a mercenary force in the hands of corrupt drugs & land mafias and politicians who are protecting both corrupt mafia and police. It is a hired gun to sort out the opponents and supress the innocent civilians.

Someone said: “if we disband this police we can have almost 90% crime disappear. It is an interesting study. I think police need more reform and attention than Madrasas?

Junior officers and front-line police staff do not listen to the high officials starting from DIGs and beyond. They are the first line of defence of mafias and politicians. It is very easy for anyone to buy a whole police station for a small amount and then do whatever you like from harbouring, training, launching terrorists to smuggling drugs and prostitution.

Terrorists don’t and can’t survive in the air, they need a place of safety to launch terrorism and only police can keep an eye on streets and towns not the air force or armed forces of Pakistan. The corruption in police and their use as a brutal force have made them a liability to the state.

The terrorist attacks on people and state institutions as well as properties have caused losses in billions. For example, attacks on the naval and air force basses as well as other government sites could be prevented if police were keeping an eye on the streets and towns. It was reported that when a large number Punjab police was deployed in Islamabad for the sit in protest of Imran Khan almost 45% crime rate fall in Punjab.

Politicians want Pakistan Army to protect them from all threats internal and external as well as conduct elections, help in floods and earthquakes etc. but they will not improve in civil administrations, hospitals and roads, rail networks. They want Pakistan Army to behave like Police and serve them and their kids like some watchmen and also sort out opponents. They don’t think Pakistan army is their institution, they talk about it in third person and are part of military undermining and demonising plots.

This newly rich with corruption money has taken over so called democracy of Pakistan. If we talk about their corruption, they say ‘democracy is in danger’. In fact, Pakistan is in danger because of them as, A S Dalit former chief of Indian intelligence agency RAW (Research and Analysis Wing) said, ‘why kill them when you can make them corrupt’. Asif Ali Zaradari followed that policy and appointed most corrupt people on the high positions.

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The 5-year crime statistics of the Punjab ruled by PML-N lead by Shabaz Sharif provided alarming figures indicating that total 723,051 criminal cases were recorded including 268,173 against person (52,219 in 2008, 51,898 in 2009, 53,958 in 2010, 56,701 in 2011 and 53,397 in 2013) and 454,878. Property crimes were – 81,546 in 2008, 85,110 in 2009, 91601 in 2010, 104242 in 2011 and 92,379 in 2012. The protection of land mafia gangs by the PML-N is alarming and is a security risk to the country and terrorist financing.

“I said to Pakistan’s (NDU) National Defence University delegation attending War Studies Department Seminar at Kings College London:

“FATA is only 1.5 % of Pakistan. What is happening in 98.5% Pakistan run by the democratically elected governments? From March 2008 to March 2013 in Pakistan 64500 people have been murdered over 14000 women have been raped including over 2000 gang rapes, burglaries and robberies are apart from this as they are in millions. All the above happened under the politically run government. Police and judiciary have become a national security threat to Pakistan now?

The writer (Dr Shahid Qureshi) and a team of legal experts from University of London conducted a research on ‘policing – judiciary, mafias and national security’ in Pakistan. Following issues and conclusions were highlighted in the expert report:

(1) Police and lower judiciary has become a security risk to both state and the armed forces of Pakistan.
(2) All the land mafia – qabza groups and the politicians protect criminal gangs.
(3) Recent incident of arrests an active terrorist from close to the Prime Minister’s residence in Raiwind proves that policing and lower and street level intelligence system is collapsed.
(4) Most of police arrests are actually tipped by the security agencies.
(5) Some corrupt elements in the judiciary have joined the criminal land mafia groups and providing legal protection to terrorists and criminals.
(6) Judiciary is too scared to give judgments against terrorist and cases are prolonged unnecessarily for no reason, which encourage the terrorists and criminals due to no accountability.
(7) Police has no idea where the terrorists are being launched and who provide them logistical facilities before the incidents.
(8) Land mafia gangs have become a recruiting stations for the foreign agencies as it is easily infiltrated and bought any land mafia gang can buy out the whole police station ‘lock, stock and barrel’ with a small monthly fee.
(9) They have access to police wireless sets as well as live information set-up from senior police officers offices.
(10) Any smart operative can infiltrate these mafias and have full access to all the mafia members’ syndicate including judges, police and other officials.
(11) Lower ranking police officials at the station level are not adhering to the instructions coming from the top as they use to be the eyes and ears of the state but now they have joined the various mafia groups.
(12) The state has no ears and eyes on the ground due to police corruption and mafias
(13) System by pass – previous government of AZ introduced the ‘system by pass’ policy i.e. a direct call from President or Prime Minister house to the SHO of police station or a ‘patwari’ (land record keeper). This has undermined the entire system of governance in the country.
(14) Like a dangerous virus these SHO (head of police station) and Patwari (land record keepers) have become a national security threat to the State of Pakistan. Sooner these cancers are cured quicker the recovery.
(15) No corrupt system can survive without the cooperation of banks. Though Pakistani system run of cash. Therefore, state bank should cancel all the high denominations of five thousand and one thousand.

The businesses, wealth and assets abroad of Pakistani politicians and elite have become security threat to national security of Pakistan. These countries UAE, USA, UK and others who have provided safe havens to the corruption money are using as this arm twisting tool to get things done?

All the above crimes are possible when local corrupt Police is on the side of criminals and politicians. Now either disband police or give them freedom they need to do the job and catch the terrorists and their supporters, financiers and destroy safe heavens.

A S Dalit former chief of Indian intelligence agency RAW (Research and Analysis Wing) said, ‘why kill them when you can make them corrupt’.

(Dr Shahid Qureshi is senior analyst with BBC and editor of The London Post. He writes on security, terrorism and foreign policy. He also appears as analyst on Al-Jazeera, Press TV, MBC, Kazak TV (Kazakhstan), LBC Radio London. He was also international election observer for Kazakhstan 2015 and Pakistan 2002. He has written a famous book “War on Terror and Siege of Pakistan” published in 2009. He is a PhD and studied Law at a British University. He speaks at Cambridge University)

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