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Yuliya Edgley presenting in London ‘Who Killed Monsieur Rocher?’

( By Dr Shahid Qureshi) :-
Yuliya Edgley is a producer and an actress, playing the role of Alice Postic in the play ‘Who Killed Monsieur Rocher?’  She is a bilingual actress, who fell in love with acting four years ago, when she had a role in a short horror film, called Mint. Recent theatre credits include New Amazons, Rolly-Polly, Queen of Spades, Anna Karenina and The Idiot.
Julia Edgely add
Cast include:
Peter York – inspector Henry Grandin
Yuliya Edgley – secretary Alice Postic
Angelica Fomina – lawyer’s wife, Clara Rocher
Gerry Skeens – personal assistant, Suzanne Brissard
Thomas Witcomb – lawyer, Monsieur Rocher
Hugo Harrison – young policeman, Maximin
Jack Hooker – clerk, Robert de Charance
Lampri Dimitriadou – typist, Virginia Renoir
It will be shown in London Theatro Technis on the following dates:
28th May – 5pm
29th May – 6.30pm
4th June – 6.30pm
5th June – 7.30pm
Venu address: 26 Crowndale Road, London, NW1 1TT
Tel: 020 7387 6617
Production is supported by The LP Media Consultants  http://media.thelondonpost.net/
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