World must condemn Chinese abuse of human rights in East Turkistan & Tibet


(London) A protest was held outside the Chinese Embassy in London. People demonstrated about the human rights abuses in Hong Kong, Tibet and East Turkistan. The protesters issued the following press statement.

“Today on the anniversary of World Human Rights I bring to you the Uyghur and Tibetan people’s shocking desperate cries for help at the time of suffering under the ongoing political and social regime of the Chinese Communist Government. This year has prove to be the most evil since the Chinese imposed their rule on East Turkistan and its people. Over time control regimes have been imposed but the strike hard campaign implemented in May of this year has seen a restriction on travel between cities as everyone must obtain police permission, at the same time more barriers have been positioned on the roads allowing armed security personnel to stop and check all travellers. Many have been arrested for no apparent reason and disappeared. This is causing people to be terrified of going out into the street where stop and search is carried out by the squads of armed security personnel.

Today the death penalty is being abused as it is imposed on the fictitious crimes of innocent people whom are seeking their human rights. The Chinese Government is abusing it’s own laws with its lack of transparency and those of the UN and European Court of law on Human Rights. While this is occurring today we must ask why was Professor Ilham Tohti incarcerated for life in prison for peacefully asking for equality and the implementation of Autonomous Rule for East Turkistan as promised and documented by the Chinese government. The injustice of their rule can be seen by the sentencing of eight Uyghur’s to death two days ago, also seven students of Ilham Tohti was sentenced with up to eight years in prison on charges of separatism yesterday. There are many thousands of people who have been imprisoned without trial, along with many hundreds who have gone missing over the past five years whose families are left in a state of despair not knowing what has happened to their loved ones.

Over the years many countries have condemned China over its Human Rights issues in East Turkistan and Tibet, however the Chinese

Government has failed to act with regards to this condemnation and have continued to impose further crackdowns on people like Ilham Tohti.

We call on the free world on the day of world human rights to further condemn the systematic abuse of Human Rights by The Chinese Authorities and urge the Chinese government to free all prisoners of conscience and allow freedom of speech, freedom of religion and freedom of movement to the Uyghurs, Tibetans.