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WikiLeaks – reveals Maliki cooperated with Mossad and Iran to get rid of Iraqi scholars

(London Post – Media Reports)    Leaked documents obtained by WikiLeaks and broadcast on Al Jazeera on Tuesday are purported to show that former Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki cooperated with Israeli intelligence services and Iran in order to obtain intelligence that lead to the assassination of hundreds of Iraqi scholars, AlKhaleejonline.com reported.

The assassinations targeted hundreds of Iraqi scholars working in different fields, including nuclear studies, as well as pilots.

Al Jazeera is to broadcast a full investigative film on Thursday named Black Box, which includes details of the assassination of 350 Iraqi nuclear scholars and 80 pilots.

In one of the documents, Al-Maliki requests private information about Iraqi scholars and how to reach and liquidate them. This document was handed over to Mossad and Iran.

Another document dating back to 2007, leaked from Al-Maliki’s office and signed with his name, reveals direct coordination between the Iraqi government and the Iranian revolution guards to liquidate Iraqi individuals, especially MPs.

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