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Why more tourists are flocking to Germany

(London Post)    Germany’s tourism numbers are up for the sixth year in a row. This shouldn’t come as a huge surprise, though. After all, it was only last month that Germany was voted the ‘best country’ in a global poll.

The Federal Statistics Office counted 436.4 million overnight stays in Germany in 2015, a 3-percent rise over the year before, Destatis said Thursday.

The data reflected the number of travelers who booked accommodations in pensions with at least 10 beds. It did not include tourists who opted to stay in an Airbnb or some other form of lodging.

The trend is nevertheless significant. Germany’s reputation as a stable, safe and affluent nation has boosted its status as an attractive travel destination in recent years, especially as tourists increasingly find themselves in the crosshairs of international terrorism.

The number of foreigners traveling to Germany last year rose by 5 percent to 79.7 million, according to Destatis. But it was the Germans themselves who made up the lion’s share of the most recent statistics: 356.7 million of the overnight bookings were made by people from the Alps to the Baltic Sea, a 2-percent increase over 2014.

The positive trend was perhaps foreseeable, especially after a survey of 16,000 people worldwide by US News & World Report designated Germany No. 1 in a “Best Countries” ranking.

The tourists that do come to Germany often flock to the usual attractions, such as the Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria or the Berlin Wall. But there are some less intuitive destinations on many people’s itineraries, according to an online survey conducted every year by the German National Tourist Board.

The place with the most votes? Click here to find out. Or just check out the photo gallery below. (Hint: It has roller coasters.)

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