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Who Put Pakistan on Diet Plan?

By Dr Shahid Qureshi : –

Pakistan is on a diet plan as part of the international conspiracy like Israelis put Gaza on a diet? Are the policies of the current regime the continuation of previous government which was criminally negligent in ignoring the energy needs of the country? Well they have mortgaged Pakistan even more and now making emotional appeals to the people to send foreign exchange which they would loot again? In this economic crisis instead of reducing the public spending President Zardari enlarged his cabinet close to 140? One doesn’t need hammers and cranes to destroy a country some times by just hiring or planting a president or a prime minister? Few years ago a senior security analyst said, ‘shortage of electricity and energy crisis is linked to the defense and sovereignty of the country. It is linked to put Pakistan on a diet plan’. Current regime of President Zardari is following exactly the prescribed diet plan: For example when they took over Pakistan’s debt was approximately $48 -$50 billion which could be easily managed but current government worked on a treacherous plan of not approaching the two most friendly nations of Pakistan China and Saudi Arabia and put Pakistan under this so called ‘friends of Pakistan’ diet plan’?

Chinese might be agreed to invest in small projects and even help in other ways but obviously might not be able to make Swiss bank transfers or kick backs etc. “Pakistanis wealth in foreign banks is estimated over $200 billion. Only 45 Pakistanis have deposited $23 billions in foreign banks. “Zardari’s financial advisor Mr Tareen, Shahid Javeed Burki, Shaukat Aziz, Salman Shah, Mian Mohammad Somro are the pimps of the international financial mafia and monitors of the diet plan”, said an analyst. General Musharaf got upset when I told him in London that your financial wizards Shaukat Aziz and Salman Shah have made a mess in Pakistan and will leave soon. Pakistanis are genetically very talented people keeping in view the rich heritage of ancient civilizations of Harapa, Taxila and Mahnjohdoro. Surely they must have used commonsense more frequently than current rulers?

‘The New Rich’ are the major security threat to Pakistan because people of Pakistan are very well aware with rich list before and after 1947. The miraculous growth in the wealth of politicians, generals, and civil servants is mind blowing? Sharfis who were making water pumps in 1960s and Zardari’s were selling cinema tickets but now both have become billionaires in few years.Developing countries should raise the issue of transparency and opening up of the ‘Swiss Banking System’ in the United Nations. It is illegal, unfair, and immoral to provide safe heavens to the looted assets and black money of the developing countries in a country which is a member of the international community or so called tax free Islands?Benazir Bhutto was very keen to reform the armed forces and intelligence services. Once she said to me, ‘when a (Pakistani) cadet sees photos of Generals Ayub Khan, Yahyah Khan, Zia ul Haq and Pervez Musharaf in the academy, he must be thinking if they can do it so can I’? She had a plan to reform the armed forces?

Unfortunately her sources of information were mostly Indians or Israelis who sees armed forces as a real threat to them? But they might have convinced her that armed forces are threat to her? People who had certain religious differences with the current ruling minority are being eliminated in targeted killings not by them directly but by state security or passed on to Americans as part of the strategy, names of certain Sunni elements have been passed on chits reportedly? The recent killing of religious scholar in interior Sind seems part of that strategy? Settling scores by third parties? Pakistan should not become a battle ground? Fanning of seatrain violence is part of the diet plan otherwise what could be the reason of not appointing a permanent ambassador in Saudi Arabia for many months and accepting overpriced tariffs on gas with Iran? It is a dangerous course of action if there is a secret government in Pakistan, muddling with the transfers and appointments of police, security and district management’s officers?

Over exposure of a minority is dangerous trend and makes it vulnerable? The perception of the current Shia dominated regime in an over 90% Sunni Pakistan is seen as American puppet in Tehran and secret ally and collaborator of Shia dominated Iran in the Sunni world. This perception is harming and alienating Pakistan from its friends? May be they should slow down in minority appointments on key posts? Pakistan is predominantly supported by Saudi Arabia and Gulf States where millions of Pakistanis are working and sending foreign exchange. After the unfortunate demise of Ms Bhutto and presence of Mr Zardari in the presidency is a sign of hope for the criminals, mafia gangsters, protectors and backers of money launderers, gold smugglers, land mafias, wheat mafia and sugar mafia? ‘Criminals and murderers in prisons must be thinking If he can get away with it so can we,’ His presence in the President House gave courage and confidence to the elite criminal mafia gangs?If so called friends of Pakistan are sincere they would have returned the looted money back to Pakistan and not get into legal jargons? In the past 18 months billions have been transferred outside Pakistan by elite mafia.

Now question is should Pakistan be handed over to approximately three thousand predominantly criminal elite, some of them own foreign citizenships who are following Pakistan’s diet plan? This elite including President don’t even have their families in Pakistan. The elite have distanced themselves from more than 98% poor population in leafy and exclusive suburbs of posh residential towns and societies miles away. If the diet plan keep going with the pace as is now there is a high possibility that these leafy locations become a target of angry and hungry people keeping in view the issuing of arms licenses and access to heavy arms. It seems soon there will be no place to hide for ‘foreign sponsored dieticians’ because clock is ticking for the 3000 listed corrupt elite of Pakistan and no one knows what monster is attached with it?

(Dr Shahid Qureshi is award wining journalist and writer on foreign policy & security based in London)

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