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Who is not letting ‘dead Osama’ die – Bankers?

By Dr Shahid Qureshi : –
From day one Osama bin Laden created jobs for the US defence contractors and bankers who invested in the defence production lines. They created a ‘pay as you earn’ or ‘paid by hour’ culture by hiring private contractors in Afghanistan and Iraq. They are like premium line ‘prostitutes’ who would want to keep the conversation as long as they can to paid more.  It is that mindset which is not letting Osama bin Laden die. Any suggestion of his death would cause death of large industrial complexes producing security, scanning equipment. So keep fueling the paranoia in the American people and selling scanners. It is well known fact that people buy more bug scanning devices than the ‘bugs’ ever produced due to the paranoia of being bugged.

I wrote in an article ‘US Chasing Osama in FATA?’ on 17th July 2008, “ is there any man or woman in the Government of Pakistan who could stand up and tell United States and its allies that, ‘Osama does not exist any more’ as reportedly claimed by Benazir Bhutto.

Zardari led regime is weak, compromised and scared of the US that they are in hurry as some one said, “Visit US before it visits you’. Well if US want to visit FATA then ‘so be it. Some people say, ‘let Yankees have a feel because people are not Red Indians here’. US must get out of the mess not drown in it?

On the other hand Pakistan’s relations with the US should be ‘Solid but not slavish’. Some people say Americans are like 16 years old Europeans as they want to experiment everything themselves including sticking fingers in every hole come in their way. US don’t like history lessons from British and do things differently. One can only pray for humanity’. One Afghan leader said, ‘there are thousands ways to enter Afghanistan but there is only one-way out and that is ‘defeat’. Be it today tomorrow or day after tomorrow.

Sir Hilary Synnott former British diplomat told a gathering at International Institute of Strategic Studies (IISS) in London something like, ‘some one asked me do you know Afghan experts, I said, ‘well there are many but unfortunately they are all dead’. Those young 19th century British experts of Afghanistan and FATA left huge treasures of information, which might be lying, in the basements of Foreign and Commonwealth Office in London? But Americans don’t like history lessons or don’t like history at all?

If ex ISI informer Hamid Karzai and US administration thinks Pakistan is not a true friend of Afghanistan and partner then they should take his 2.5 million Afghan refugees back to Afghanistan living in Pakistan for thirty years. As these refugees were created by the US during fight with the Soviets in 1979 and millions more were created within Pakistan recently.

There seems to be an element of mistrust and suspicion from the US side perhaps the US and allies are listening more to the Indian military advisors than they should. Many say, ‘Hamid Karzai is running Afghanistan like a Kebab shop where Indian beef is served with American beers, as Vodka was banned long time ago’.

The harm US have caused to Pakistan is far more deep and broad than imagination. US administration is run by the elements that are following Indian-Israeli agenda i.e. “US must destroy Pakistan before leaving Afghanistan and Israelis want Iran to be flattened by US bombers. These paranoid and schizophrenic feel insecure with World’s best US made military equipment, fighter jets, modern navy, missiles and nuclear bombs. The insecurity is in their heads and may be international community should consider ‘disarm and denuclearise’ these racist states? On the other hand Iran should mainstream itself in the Muslim world and reach out people and nations politically not religiously.

I wrote in July 2008, “Now Osama Bin Laden seems like Iraqi WMDs, which does not exist any more and every one has forgotten about them? It does sounds like movies in which bad guys place a dead body in some one’s house and then prosecute the whole family for murder. Search for Osama in freezing K2 Mountains is like searching an elephant in a dark room by a blind man. Especially when one knows he does not exist anymore? Osama is a ghost salesman of Arms dealers, a trump card to blackmail states.  As reported CIA keep tab on the health of the world leaders by urine testing and definitely keep DNA and fingerprints especially when they go for official receptions and tours etc.

Keeping in view the reports about Osama’s severe kidney problems and dialysis requirements it is highly unlikely for him to survive for long time. Even with the kidney transplant survival rate of the patient is very low and time frame is short in normal circumstances keeping in view the use of rejection drugs and severely weak immune system? Unless one is kept in a sophisticated high class renal unit of a big hospital with latest medical equipment and guaranteed power supply. It is impossible to have that kind of facility anywhere in the whole region including border areas of Pakistan and K2 mountains. Many analysts believe Osama is no more. If he is alive he will be arrested or found just before US elections in 2008.  Well he has been helping Bush by releasing messages at times whenever his ratings were down?”

There is another report which Bruce Boyle wrote on 30th December 2007,  “By the way, I heard this from a call-in on C-span, and have not directly checked this out, “that in an interview with a famous British Jewish journalist David Frost in which Benazir Bhutto said that Osama, ‘Bin Laden was assassinated at the end of 2002” and “claimed she knew who did it, when, and how,” and suggested that the subsequent bin Laden videos and audio tapes (reportedly “released by Al Qaeda”) are, in fact, “high tech constructs and slick patch jobs produced by a third party.”

Every one knows that about the complete US intelligence failure on September 11, 2001 and who benefited out of those terrorists atrocities. Major beneficiary are Arms industry including a complete hold on huge job cuts at the Pentagon, which was due in September 2001. Criminals of September 11, 2001 incidents must be brought to justice in the court of law. Afghanistan was bombed and converted in rubble in search of one man created by the US to fight with the Soviets.

Interestingly when allies and US were sending arms to Afghans they were also sending payment invoices to the Saudis and Arab countries. It was not a bad deal at all, Afghans and US sponsored Muslim Mujahidin’s from all over the world were dying in Afghanistan to win the Cold War? Wars are also known to be good business and Americans are good at it.
In WWI 1914- 1918, according to available data 50,000 US soldiers lost their lives as compare to 500,000 British soldiers who were mostly from the colonies, France lost 1 million and Germany 1.2 millions. The estimated total allied costs were US $20 trillions + US $ 81 billions.

In 1913 just before the war started the total GDP of the US was US $39000 millions, which, by 1918 at the end of WWI rose up to US $770100 millions. In 1914 total value of US gold reserves was US $1526 millions; by 1918 the gold reserves valued were US $ 2873 millions.

Total expanses of WWII between September 1939 – August 1945 were US $925000 millions, United States US $335,000 millions, Germany US $272000 millions, Britain US $120,000 millions, Italy US $94000 millions, Japan US $56000 millions and France US $ 15000 millions.

It is important to remember that under the US law of ‘Land and Lease’, it provided loans to the war partners and received back with interests. US arms dealers become rich and richer. In 1937 US gold reserves were valued US $12390 millions and after three years of the war the gold reserves were valued US $24399 millions, the reason of this miraculous growth was because war partners including Britain had to pay in gold to pay off their debts.

If we look at the current rise in the oil and gold prices one can easily understand what is really going on. US companies have started signing contracts with the Iraqis recently for more explorations not to mention Halliburton’s moving its HQs in Dubai. It sounds like Iraqis and Afghanis are going to pay for the bombs dropped on them too?  The latest spin in Afghanistan war is the report that minerals worth trillions of dollars appeared. Is this a spin to attract investors and war profiteers, who are already busy buying ‘cash for gold’ in British and US streets?

(Dr Shahid Qureshi is senior analyst with BBC and chief editor of The London Post. He writes on security, terrorism and foreign policy. He also appears as analyst on Al-Jazeera, Press TV, MBC, Kazak TV (Kazakhstan), LBC Radio London. He was also international election observer for Pakistan 2002. He has written a famous book “War on Terror and Siege of Pakistan” published in 2009. He wrote his MA thesis on ‘Political Thought of Imam Khomeini’ and visited Tehran University. He is PhD in ‘Political Psychology’ also studied Law at a British University. He also speaks at Cambridge University)

Views expressed are not of The London Post.

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