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Western Press and Turkey: 4 & 5 Generation Psychological Warfare

By Dr Shahid Qureshi : –

I told H.E. Bekir Bozdağ, Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey at International Media Conference in Ankara on 20th September 2017: “What you have said in your speech today about the role of your media and international media in the aftermath of 15 July 2016, failed coup and terrorism inflicted by the Gulen Network is actually 4th and 5th Generation Psychological warfare against Turkey.

The Major question is if Turkey is ready to counter these challenges coming from so called friends and enemies. There is no such thing as free lunch. So now if someone come to you with the offer to educate your children think twice before accepting it as you will hand over your future generations to them. Both Turkey and Pakistan have some similarities when it comes to handling corruption in the state system which lead to the abuse of resources in the key areas like education, health and security.  Corruption cannot be done without the full co-operation of Banks and financial institutions.

Turkey has done everything to meet the demands to join the EU apart from turning into a woman. Yes, it is true that EU is a Christian club and most of the member countries have Cross on their flags but there is nothing wrong with following a religion. In your case however, you have bigger market by allying with Central Asia, Iran, Russia, China, Pakistan, and as far as Malaysia and Indonesia. It is true that about 2 million British tourists came to Turkey and it is also a favourite destination for many other countries.

Ankara Media Confrenec 20 July 2017

Main Points of my speech are:

  1. Role, responsibility and position of journalists – jobs and risks
  2. Corporate media ownerships
  3. State and government
  4. Turkey is facing 4th and 5th generation psychological war
  5. British journalist rule of law, justice and opportunity, appreciation of skills and knowledge
  6. How to deal with press and media
  7. Your ignorance is your enemies power.
  8. Western Press and Turkey specific narrative
  9. Role of media in branding and rebranding terrorism (Mujahideen, Taliban, Al-qaeeda, ISIS, Daesh)

Before we discuss how Western press views and coverage of Turkey let me talk about the some of the Western values being practiced at home. The rule of law, equality and equal opportunity for every. I know it is not perfect but better than many other places in the world. What West is doing to other countries abroad is bit complicated. I am British / Pakistani writer and journalist and have written many critical articles about prime minister of UK and have asked tough questions to high officials. I wrote about my opinion about the 7/7 terrorist attacks in London and was of the view that it was inside job. My article ‘Don’t Blame the British Muslims for Terrorism is on the 7/7 Truth Campaign website even today.

Ankara Media Confrenec 20 July 2017 .jpg - TV shot

I wrote an article about 9/11 on 16th September 2001, in The Frontier Post that “US and friends were behind it which is confirmed by the US Veteran after 12 years. I can assure you that nobody has ever question me on that and/or intimidated or harassed. I am from a middle class Pakistani family but I can go to the British prime minister’s residence, Foreign office and Parliament. I go on international news channels and give my view point which is not of the official lines.

I spoke in the UK parliament and told ministers that our foreign policy is creating refugees so stop bombing foreign countries. The honour and respect my adopted country UK has given to me is beyond imagination. A bus driver’s son of Pakistani origin Sadiq Khan is now Mayor of London. We have over a dozen MPs and Lords in the British Parliament and similar practice is other EU countries.

But in my own country Pakistan when I and my journalist brother Faisal Qureshi exposed the terrorist groups, corrupt mafia they killed my brother on 6th October 2011. I and my family did not get justice for this murder in the line of duty and fight for the freedom of speech.

Journalists and media persons are the most oppressed and in constant threats from states and mafia groups as well as big corporations and banks. They are facing job cuts, temporary contracts and that keeps them under constant pressures.

Having said that when it comes to West’s policy aboard including that still has pre-colonial tilt even today. Now you must understand how they made this possible today. Simple answer is that – they have made lot of new friends and continuously working on this project. That is why they can implement or sometimes force their agenda even when it is against the interests of the country. The Assets works.

I give you few examples:

Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif’s government obtained a whopping $35 billion in new loans during his four-year tenure.

President Asif Zardari can sign an oil and gas deal with Iran at a price of $14 MMBTU when it was available £3 MMBTU in the open market.

In the end, it’s the arms dealers who are winning by bribing their ‘agents in democracy’?

A secure country can promise a secure democracy otherwise Palestinians have elected HAMAS and Egyptians elected ‘Brotherhood’ but the so-called democrats toppled the elected government with military and installed a puppet who only got 7.5% votes in Egypt who was selling Gas to Israelis on the lowest price of $1.5 MMBTU but buying from international market for $9 MMBTU for its own use. Can you imagine who could have signed such an agreement to sell?

Who is going to bring back $200 billion of Pakistan from the Swiss Banks and that will solve all the economic problems as well as release from IMF. What is the delay after all it is Pakistan’s national wealth?

Ankara Media Confrenec 20 July 2017 .jpg Group

Your ignorance is your enemies power.

The only way is education and knowledge. It is true that a militarily secure state can protect its citizens. Otherwise from Bosnia, Kashmir to Burma millions are killed, raped, internally displaced, turned into refugees. In older a day’s arms were made to fight wars now wars are created to sell arms. The whole mechanism is not so difficult to understand as one only need a common sense.

Be it Turkey, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen or Pakistan on the one hand deaths and destruction were caused by invaders and imperialists by 5th generation psychological war and media is the major part of this war.

One must understand that there is no such thing as free lunch and in getting aid there is always a string attached with it.

So when someone comes to your door with an aid think about the traps and don’t act like a stupid bird who only looks at the bait and not the trap.

Turkey has experienced on 15 July 2016, by handing over its young generation to Gulen and his network. Pakistan is facing similar challenges because state system is almost collapsed and new chains of education institutions started emerging. Some of the institutions who took money from foreign agencies and others are playing major role in narrative shaping and allegedly anti state activities.

I was attending a anti Pakistan group’s seminar in London in August 2017. All the sources and data quoted by the speakers was coming from one institution LUMS owned and run by a pro Iran and US funded minority group. One must be wondering how can a pro-Iran minority can also be friends with the US and UK. Well they have their roots created in 19th century during British Raj. These family of assets still continuing in 2017.

Without having assets or collaborator on the ground in the target country nothing can succeed.  We have seen incidents when imbedded media planted false flag stories. Buz words, weapons of mass destruction which we never found, 45 minutes’ attack was a lie. Osama bin Laden a man on dialysis’s can hijack five air planes for hours and dodge world’s 15 most supplicated agencies inside USA on 9/11/2001. Well within hours those agencies who failed to stop the attacks on 9/11, could find passports of the criminals and master mind in the mountains of Afghanistan. Few years later OBL was found living in Pakistan later killed and buried in the sea. More tragically those marines who did this operation were also killed in the helicopter crash.

I found the above information in the corporate controlled media as I have no other sources. And that is the problem with the countries like Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia, and others including Turkey.

Firstly – They did not develop its own media to the needs of fast changing world.

Secondly: They did not establish the journalist training institutions.

Thirdly: they failed to comprehend the importance of the media and psychological operations being run against them.

Fourthly: they allowed the foreign media to cross the ethical boundaries and that could only happen if someone from inside collaborating with them.

One must ask what is in western media which made it more credible and authentic. The simple answer is because you did not make your own media credible, authentic and ethical. It cost far less money to run whole media in Turkey for example the cost of 10 fighter jets or even less. You have created a work force in the shape of journalists who are poorly paid, exploited and abused by the private owners and corrupt bosses. So they are open to corruption and abuse. It is all about priorities and what is important for us.

Journalists and academics shape the national narrative. If these two groups are functioning appropriately any country can fight with the external challenges. Those challenges are:

1 – how to fight with the international banker’s mafia

2 – keep safe from the financial terrorist groups like IMF and World bank.

Few months ago at a seminar in Kings College London, “I said to a Greek economist from LSE in London: ‘that most democratically functioning countries can be financially weak for various reasons including corruption, for example, Portugal, Greece, Spain are members of the EU but owes highest debts to IMF and World Bank. On the other hand, Turkey has paid of its IMF debt but you still blame the democracy for bad economy. You cannot have a cake and eat it.

All those intuitions like offshore tax free safe heavens and Swiss Banks are in west and America. These institutions are involved in all kinds of corruption and an instrument to promote corruption in the world. They are also involved in terrorist financing.  

A British journalist Christina Lamb from Sunday Times was deported from Pakistan in 2001 for buying an air ticket in the name of Osma bin Laden. But interestingly Christina Lamb was very close to Benazir Bhutto former prime minister of Pakistan.  Obviously, I would expect basic journalistic ethics to be followed. Christina Lamb co-authored a book with Malala Yusafzai in which Malala a teenager talks about issues which happened even before her birth.

‘Malala project’ is supported by same PR Company that represents high and mighty. The Malala machine really grew in November 2012 when the PR agency Edelman, whose clients include Starbucks and Microsoft, started working for her family. A spokesman for Edelman said it was carrying out the work on a pro-bono basis and now had a team of five people supporting Malala.

Edelman said its role “primarily involves providing a press office function for Malala” and “helping to advise the family on how to engage with the huge media and public interest in Malala’s campaign.” Well there is nothing called ‘free lunch’ in the world? The question one ask is why Pakistani tax payers are paying her school fees and her father’s salary. Her father was closer to the US special adviser Richard Holbroke and that role is taken by Gordon Brown.

Richard Holbroke US special envoy to Pakistan-Afghanistan, Malala Yousafzai, her mother and father, Brigadier General Martin Jones US Army and unknown CIA official in the meeting (photo - Pakistani media)
Richard Holbroke US special envoy to Pakistan-Afghanistan, Malala Yousafzai, her mother and father, Brigadier General Martin Jones US Army and unknown CIA official in the meeting (photo – Pakistani media)

That was only possible when corrupt officials in the government approve and allowed it to happen.

Media should not become eyes and ears of the terrorists be they are states of individual groups. There is a big move on to divide Muslim countries into smaller states systematically and to achieve that objective media and press is playing a crucial role in narrative shaping.

We saw 24 hours’ media coverage of the removal of Hussani Mubarak in Egypt but later when the democratically elected President Mursi was removed and Al-SIsi was placed in no international media or so called newspapers protest about this coup by a general.

When Palestinians elect HAMAS as their political choice it was demonised by the same media machine. In recent history in Iran a democratically elected prime minister Musadaq was overthrown, put on trial and later jailed. He was replaced by Shah of Iran.

Bergman’s views about the BBC’s role in stirring up Iran’s Islamic Revolution are well documented.

In Pakistan Did you not see how politicians, military and civil servant all got together in the quick release of Raymond Davis a CIA killer and murderer? They all have Green Cards and kids in USA. This law and nationalism is only for up to grade 16 and below in Pakistan.

KIDS Strategy

In the words of an Indian politician Laluparsad Yadav: “You take the calf and cow will follow you”. Following that theme US, UK and other western countries offered scholarships and visas and green cards to the sons and daughters of high and mighty generals, civil servants and politicians. There is no such thing as free lunch and these people are not more than a prostitute who trade in national honour both in cash and kind.

About $17 billion or nearly half of the total loans obtained from July 2013 to June 2017 were utilised to repay the previous debt, shows statistics maintained by the finance ministry. The government of Pakistan added net $18 billion to the country’s total external debt and liabilities – the highest amount added by any government during its tenure.

From July 2013 to June 2017, Pakistan’s total external debt grew by 30% to $79.2 billion, according to an International Monetary Fund (IMF) report. Out of this, external public debt was about $62.3 billion – also up by 28% compared with the figure four years ago, shows the IMF report.

It is very important to understand the role of banks and financial institutions and their involvement in the financial terrorism. The tax free safe heavens and corrupt secret Swiss Banking system is actually sponsoring and supporting terrorism as well as creating wars around the world. Terrorists don’t carry money bags on their shoulders.

I Thank you for listening.

(Dr Shahid Qureshi is senior analyst with BBC and chief editor of The London Post. He writes on security, terrorism and foreign policy. He also appears as analyst on Al-Jazeera, Press TV, MBC, Kazak TV (Kazakhstan), LBC Radio London. He was also international election observer for Kazakhstan 2015 and 2016 and Pakistan 2002. He has written a famous book “War on Terror and Siege of Pakistan” published in 2009. He wrote his MA thesis on ‘Political Thought of Imam Khomeini’ and visited Tehran University. He is PhD in ‘Political Psychology’ also studied Law at a British University. He also speaks at Cambridge University)

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