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Walsh craves chilli, feels clumsy

Kimberley Walsh has said her pregnancy has been going well so far, apart from having to contend with chilli cravings and being a bit more clumsy.

The former Girls Aloud star is currently pregnant with her first child, with long-term partner Justin Scott, and looked glowing in a tight blue lace dress and matching blue heels at a fundraising event for the Health Lottery.

She said: “I’ve been really lucky actually, it’s been fairly smooth sailing so far.

Talking about cravings, she added: “I’ve had real cravings for chilli – I do love chilli anyway, but it was over the top, I couldn’t taste it even though it was blowing Justin’s mouth off. I was putting extra chilli oil on everything.”

Kimberley went on: “I’m a little bit clumsier than usual. My balance is a little bit all over the place.”

The singer said she didn’t know whether the baby was a boy or a girl as she wanted a surprise: “You keep playing that game with yourself, one week I think it’s a girl, the next I think it’s a boy, but it keeps you going.

“Names is hard, I’m so choosy and I feel like it’s such a big responsibility to name a human being, so I’m taking it quite seriously. I’m keeping it quite close to my chest for now but I’m hoping when I see him or her, I’ll know what they should be called.”

But Kimberley was sceptical about getting parenting tips from another of the event’s guests, Simon Cowell, who welcomed baby Eric in February: “Maybe I should get a few tips. I’m sure he’ll have lots of hands-on experience to share with me.”

She added that she felt no jealousy about friend and bandmate Cheryl Cole working on new music and being about to launch the new series of X Factor: “I feel like we’re in quite different places at the moment, so it’s going to be nice for me to sit on the couch or lie with my feet up and watch her every Saturday night for the next few weeks.

“I’m looking forward to that.”

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