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Venezuela Strongly Rejects Sanctions Imposed by the European Union


(London Post – Caracas: Press Release) : –  The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela strongly rejects the decision made by the Council of the European Union, which intends to impose illegal, absurd, and inefficient sanctions against the Venezuelan people.

The European institutions show their regrettable and shameful subordination to the rulings of the United States administration by blatantly violating the international law and the sacred principles of respect for sovereignty, self-determination of the peoples and non interference in the internal affairs of the States, set forth in the United Nations Charter.

These actions by the European Council -that clearly follow Washington’s aggressive course of action- are based on arguments which seem drawn from the sanctions recently issued by Trump’s administration against Venezuela and its people.

Furthermore, the European Council intends to make the world believe that there was an alleged consensus among its member States to adopt such hostile measures, when in reality the major European economies significantly put pressure on the rest of the governments of the bloc and also on the EU’s own institutions, thus evidencing the significant inequalities and the absence of democracy within the “union”.

It is not a coincidence that the Council of the European Union takes these offensive measures on the eve of the resumption of the National Dialogue in Dominican Republic, announced by both the National Executive branch and the Venezuelan opposition.

Far from contributing to harmony and peace in Venezuela, the European Union has approved hostile decisions that only aim at the failure of the National Dialogue and encourage those who have generated political violence, death and destruction as mechanisms to unconstitutionally obtain power.

It is worth remembering that Venezuela has returned to political and social peace by means of the democratic election of the National Constituent Assembly; as evidence thereof, State Governors’ elections were recently held in absolute peace, and next December 10th, municipal elections are to be held within the framework of the dynamic electoral timetable of our Venezuelan democracy.

It is noteworthy that these intended sanctions constitute an attack not only to the Venezuelan people but also to almost the million of Europeans who chose our country as their home and who have directly suffered the ravages of the political and economic violence generated these past few months by the opposition.

The European Union is also setting a dangerous precedent in its relations with Latin America, as it arrogates the authority to sanction a sovereign country merely because its model of popular democracy does not fit in the elitist and corporative models from European regimes.

The peoples of the world and the international community must be aware that neither weapons nor military equipment are a priority to Venezuela, and this inefficient media and political operation does not affect our domestic security at all. Instead, the Bolivarian Government aims at preserving national peace through dialogue and at pursuing a development founded in social justice to overcome current issues.

Unlike the countries of the European bloc, we do not seek to deflect attention from our problems by attacking other nations. The European Council should prevent the law enforcement equipment from being used to hamper the sacred right to decide and hold democratic and peaceful electoral processes, just as it was recently seen in one of its member States in an unprecedented episode of police repression.

The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela reaffirms its unwavering independent and sovereign nature and denounces these hostile acts before the international community. No decision taken by European elites and bureaucracies shall be able to break the sovereign determination of our people to be free.

The government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela demands that the European Union ceases its unfriendly actions and moves itself away from the warmongering and interventionist agenda of the United States government, which has caused great damage to our country and the world.

We reiterate that the Venezuelan people, faithful to its libertarian heritage and defender of its independence, shall continue to stand against any attack or threat, and the Bolivarian Government of Venezuela reserves the right to make decisions in different fields to ensure the defense of national peace and sovereignty.


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