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Venezuela Land of Compassionate People & Blue Beaches

By Dr Shahid Qureshi   : –

Venezuela is a country known to be land of warm and compassionate people. I had a phone call from the Venezuelan London Embassy inviting to meet the delegation officials of the World Travel Market 2015 at Excel exhibition centre in London.

Helena Menedez


Venezuelan stall was impressive, colorful and musical and there I met the dynamic Press Counsellor Helena Menéndez. She took me to the senior official from the ministry of tourism Mr Ali Ernesto Padron Paredes who was travelling with the minister of tourism. He told me about the country’s tourist attractions.

Mr Ali Ernesto Padron Paredes, Vice Tourism Minister and Dr Shahid Qureshi at World Travel Market 2015 event Excel Exhibition Center London
Mr Ali Ernesto Padron Paredes, Vice Tourism Minister and Dr Shahid Qureshi at World Travel Market 2015 event Excel Exhibition Center London

Venezuela as a tourist destination is not known to many people in the United Kingdom. Now the question is how it can be marketed to the people as a safe, secure and joyful destination. Obviously country is oil rich and state is sharing the wealth with the people of the   state. Well if the State is running on ‘no profit no loss’ basis what problem Uncle Sam (US) in the neighbourhood has? That is a billion dollar question? Well it is the greedy elite in US pushing it to be at GOD’s War (Gold – Oil –Drugs) all the times since its inception.

Coming to the tourism Venezuela is as safe for the tourist as any other country. No country can give 100% guarantee of being crime free so one has to be realistic. A tourist need to follow the stated precautions from using clean water to hiring a registered guide. Due to the exchange rates any country’s welfare motto visiting tourists can enjoy a low cost holiday with the family.

I told the official that since ‘you have oil and if you subsidise to the airline to bring the air tickets lowest level to attract the working classes. Low cost airlines have already made cheap holidays a reality for the working class people.

I am sure people will enjoy the experience of scuba diving, blue waters and sandy beaches as well as warmth of the people.

Venezuela Profile

Country in South America

Venezuela is a country on the northern coast of South America with diverse natural attractions. Along its Caribbean coast are tropical resort islands including Isla de Margarita and the Los Roques archipelago. To the northwest are the Andes Mountains and the colonial town of Mérida, a base for hiking Sierra Nevada National Park. Caracas, the capital, is to the north.

Capital: Caracas

Dialling code: +58

President: Nicolás Maduro

Population: 30.41 million (2013) World Bank

Currency: “Venezuela’s largest denomination note is 100 bolivars – about 25 U.S. cents. Amazed at the sheer quantity of notes they receive, visitors find where to keep them the biggest problem”.-

Official language: Spanish


(Dr Shahid Qureshi is senior analyst with BBC and editor of The London Post. He writes on security, terrorism and foreign policy. He appears as analyst on Al-Jazeera, Press TV, MBC, Kazak TV (Kazakhstan), LBC Radio London. He was international election observer for Kazakhstan 2015 and Pakistan 2002. He has written a famous book “War on Terror and Siege of Pakistan” published in 2009. He is PhD and studied Law at a British University)

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