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Use of foreign elements by Armenia in current aggression against Azerbaijan, should be investigated

(London – PR): – With the General Debate at the UN General Assembly’s 75th Session underway and the world fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, Armenia started yet another act of aggression against Azerbaijan on September 27, 2020 and launched an intensive attack on the positions of the armed forces of Azerbaijan.

On October 3, 2020 Tahir Taghizade, Ambassador of Azerbaijan in the UK hosted a video-briefing for British media representatives, MPs and conflict experts on Armenia’s new act of aggression against Azerbaijan and situation around the conflict.

Ambassador said that the armed forces of the Republic of Azerbaijan are currently undertaking necessary counter-offensive measures to prevent Armenia’s another military aggression and ensure the security of the civilian population.

Ambassador reiterated that the war is not going on in Armenia, but in internationally recognized territories of Azerbaijan occupied by Armenia and that Azerbaijan does not want to cleanse these territories from Armenians but to restore its territorial integrity.

Speaking about the consecutive provocative actions of Armenia’s current Prime Minister Pashinian, Ambassador added that the responsibility for the present situation and future developments lie squarely with Armenia’s political-military leadership.

While answering the questions of the journalists from The Telegraph, BBC Russian, The Guardian, The London Post, EU Today and etc as well as MPs and regional experts from UK, Ambassador addressed numerous issues related to the conflict, as well as recent hostilities including allegations on the use of Syrian mercenaries by Azerbaijan, civilian casualties, visit of international journalists to conflict area and etc.

On allegations about Syrian mercenaries, Ambassador said it is by no doubt part of Armenian propaganda and that these allegations do not reflect reality.

Indeed, having its own fully-fledged professional and strong army, Azerbaijan do not need external forces, especially irregular groups who is not familiar with the language and terrain at first place to protect its territory.

On the other hand, use of foreign elements by Armenia in its current aggression against Azerbaijan, as pointed out by Mr. Taghizade, should be further investigated by media.

There are reports that Greeks and Greek-Armenians, Russian Armenians, Lebanese Armenians as well as Armenians living in Samtskhe-Javakheti region of Georgia are trying to get into Nagorno Karabakh to fight against Azerbaijan. There are also reports on use of Syrian mercenaries and PKK by Armenia all of which testify to the use of foreign elements by Armenia and should be investigated further by media.

Ambassador also talked about Armenia’s use of foreign journalists for its propaganda purposes and said Azerbaijan takes the issue of the safety of the media representatives – defined as civilians under international law, very serious.

Commenting at the event, Mr. Bob Blackman, Chairman of All Party Parliamentary Group on Azerbaijan in UK Parliament said a letter of support has been sent to President of Azerbaijan and outlined the further steps that the APPG is going to take to raise the awareness in the Parliament, including their intention to send a letter to UK Secretary of State.

Armenia attacks civilians and civilian infrastructure violating international humanitarian law, including Geneva Conventions. Unlike Armenia, Azerbaijan adheres to the norms of international humanitarian law and does not target civilians and civilian infrastructure.

On October 4, massive missile attacks launched from the territory of Armenia hit the city of Ganja, the second biggest city in Azerbaijan with a population of 500.000+ on the route of global energy lines. One person was killed and four were injured in this attack. Armenia also launched missile attacks to Khizi and Absheron region as well as Mingachevir city of Azerbaijan. Until now, 22 Azerbaijani civilians, including 2 children were killed in total by Armenia.

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