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USA – Support the McCain-Feinstein Anti-Torture Amendment‏

(London Post) US Army former Brigadier General David Irvine wrote a letter about the Anti Torture Amendment. Here is the transcript.

Dear Dr. Shahid:

I spent 18 years with the Sixth U.S. Army Intelligence School teaching prisoner-of-war interrogation and military law to soldiers, Marines, and airmen. During that time I taught the most effective forms of interrogation, none of which included torture.

10 years ago, Congress came together in an overwhelming 90-9 vote to pass the Detainee Treatment Act. Yet, in direct contention with the Act, lawyers in the executive branch secretly authorized more abusive interrogation methods in the CIA program.

This was done against the advice of national security leaders and professional interrogators who know as I do that torture is ineffective, counterproductive, and makes our country less safe.

It’s time to take action and urge Congress to support Senators McCain and Feinstein’s bipartisan Anti-Torture Amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act.

The CIA waterboarded detainees until they became unresponsive, deprived them of sleep for days on end, and conducted “rectal feedings,” a horrific form of abuse.

Join us and take action to reinforce the law against torture and cruel treatment, and ensure that America never tortures again.

Together, we can put this dark chapter of our history behind us.


Brigadier General David Irvine

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