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US will pay for Israeli attacks ?

Complete destruction and turmoil in Iraq was not enough that USA and Israel started threatening Iran. Some analysts said that, ‘US has helped Iran by removing its two staunch enemies Saddam Hussain in Iraq and Taliban in Afghanistan’. There is a lesson for Muslim countries and its leaders if you don’t hang together you would be definitely hanged separately like former US friend Saddam Hussain’.

By Dr Shahid Qureshi

Many analysts believe that the destruction of Iraq is more to do with the security of Israel and oil than democracy in Middle East. One asks all those Iraqi men, women and children are killed for the security of Israel? Not to mention financial costs to the economies and deaths of British, US and other soldiers. It sounds like US had to fight another war of independence or Unilateral Declaration of Independence from Israel as some US academics are saying.

A defence analyst said to a senior US diplomat in London at IISS recently, ‘Israel should behave like a decent occupying power, if they don’t like two states, take whole area under their control, declare it a one state, open school, colleges, hospitals, build roads, respect humanity at least’.

Iranians have test fired some long-range missiles which can reach Israel and that is enough to punish Iran? Israel is a undeclared nuclear state loaded with chemical and biological weapons made with state sponsored proliferations.

In response to the Iranian missiles test Israelis have displayed their latest spy plane. Israeli defence officials said was a show of strength in response to Iranian war games and missile tests. The spy plane is sophisticated intelligence-gathering technology and electronic warfare systems were developed by state-run Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) and installed aboard a US-made Gulfstream G550 business jet. IAI spokesman said, “It has the most sophisticated early warning and intelligence devices to date and is capable of reaching all destinations required by the air force”. There are reports that Israeli jets used Iraqi air space and US bases for exercise.

Israelis cannot fly a plane without US technological support and win war without US intelligence support. A senior defence analyst who has served in SENTO and based in London told me, ‘that after the 1967 Arab-Israel war, he was taken to SENTO RADAR base at Mount Olympus in Greece. Visitors use to stay with resident officers, as no hotel facilities were available. He said, ‘I was attached with the family of a colonel who also happened to be the head of base intelligence’. He said, ‘Colonel was away his wife showed me his photo and told; ‘an Israeli officer took this photo of me and my husband.’ He said, ‘I surprisingly asked her; ‘I have not seen any Israeli officer here’? She said, ‘of course they come in American uniforms’. This incident further proves that US radar; satellite and intelligence facilities were used by Israel in 1967. Suppose Iranians says, ‘if we are attacked by Israel, we are going to hurt US interests anywhere, would they be justified’?

As Indians are allowed to conspire against Pakistan under US umbrellas in Afghanistan what should Pakistan do if attacked by US? One cannot be friend, ally, partner and enemy at the same time? One analyst said, ‘Pakistan use full thrust force and resources against the enemy and its allies’. Many analysts agree that any US attack on Pakistan would make this region a hell hole for every one and there would be no place to hide for the traitors and collaborators, because people know who they are and where they live in and out of Pakistan be it Dubai or London.’ At this crucial time Mr Zardari is having a break in Dubai and appointing his jobless friends in sensitive positions in London and Washington embassies of Pakistan. His gold, diamond and currency dealer friends, who are also using media for protection of illegal businesses, are in action again. Should Pakistani nation forgive him?

In December 2001 during a conversation about the Middle East crisis with the owner of the Daily Telegraph newspaper, Conrad Black, French ambassador Daniel Bernard is reported to have spoken about “that shitty little country Israel”.

According to Conard Black’s wife, journalist Barbara Amiel, the “ambassador of a major EU country told me” that the international security crisis had been triggered by “that shitty little country Israel”. The ambassador, according to Ms Amiel, added: “Why should we be in danger of world war three because of these people?” Yves Charpentier, Press Secretary at the French Embassy, confirmed that the ambassador Ms Amiel had referred to was M Bernard, who is a Roman Catholic. “The ambassador said we were facing a geographically limited problem, a small area, which has disproportionately huge consequences for world peace. He is not anti-Semitic or anti Israel.” Well the French have elected a Jewish President Nicholas Sarkozy and Britain has appointed a Jewish Foreign Minister David Milliband a perspective candidate for Prime Minister. Not every one in Europe is anti-Jewish?

Well its time for the wise US intellectuals to think how far they would go in love and support of Israel? Some one said ‘it’s not the size that matter because most dangerous things comes in small size including poison’. It is for the US to decide whether to live with it or die because time and tide wait for none? People ask, ‘why US leadership and whole administration has become hostage to Israel that it has started moving in the path of self destruction’.

(Dr Shahid Qureshi is senior award wining investigative journalist and writer on security, foreign policy, and terrorism based in London – 14th July 2008, The Frontier Post)

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