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US – NATO continue Damaging Turkey and Coup threat remain : Dr Shahid Qureshi  

“There is a possibility that coup attempt could happen in future”, said Dr Shahid Qureshi while answering a Q&A session after his key note speech at an International Conference about the victims and survivors of 15th July 2016 failed Coup in Antalya – Turkey on 24th December 2016.

Nurettin Bay Managing Editor Kon TV, was Moderator of panel, Serdar Arseven, Chief Editor Daily Millat, Latif Simşek, Channel – A, Bayram Zilan, Dr Shahid Qureshi of The London Post.

He said in response to a question: “When Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) passed away there was no gold or silver in his house but he left over half dozen swords and those swords were meant for protection and defence not vegetable cutting. Therefore, Turkey need to protect itself from friends like US and NATO who are major part of the problems including refugees and terrorism in the country. They have done same with Pakistan in 1979 and later 2001 to date.

In response to a question he said: Both Gulen Network and Qadiyani Network aka (Ahmadiya) have similar script and agenda: (a) damage Islam (b) Damage Muslim countries for their masters (c) confuse simple Muslims (d) support foreign agenda and run spying networks.

One cannot be a friend and ally and enemy at the same time. Turkey must approach USA, EU and NATO and tell them that their policies are damaging Turkey’s economy as well as fuelling terrorism”. Dr Qureshi said: without controlling financial terrorists (funding sources) who are fuelling this menace all attempts will be useless.

Dr Shahid Qureshi spoke on the topic: “Turkey’s Failed Coup of 15 July 2016, Identifying New Enemies and old Friends”.

Text of the speech as follows:

Turkey is now facing psychological warfare from the backer of the 15th July 2016 failed ‘coup’ which was / is fully supported by their ‘media regiments’ including CNN. The powerful words like ‘rape, torture, detentions’ are used in news stories in electronic and print media to incite hatreds and bad feelings among their own public and portraying coup plotters as some innocent shoplifters. These media organisations have already lost their ‘credibility’ of un bias and honest news reporting since invasion and occupation of Iraq, Syria, Libya and Afghanistan. They are part of the military warfare operations against Turkey.

The reality is that those countries who are responsible for the deaths, destruction and displacements of millions of Muslim people especially in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria and Libya and yet have a ‘cheek’ to lecture other countries about human rights, justice and rule of law. For example, US and its allies have killed millions since 1940, nuclear bombed Japan twice, have used semi nuclear arms in Afghanistan and Iraq against civilians, killed thousands with drones in Pakistan in the name of so called war on terror and yet claim to be civilized and champions of human rights.

Dr Shahid Qureshi speaking to HE Binali Yildrim Prime Minister of Turkey at his official residence 15 July 2016 (Ankara few hours before the coup attempt)
Dr Shahid Qureshi speaking to HE Binali Yildrim Prime Minister of Turkey at his official residence 15 July 2016 (Ankara few hours before the coup attempt)

I am personally witness to the events of coup in Turkey as I was with HE Prime Minister Binali Yildrim just few hours before the coup in Ankara on 15th July 2016 as a speaker on International Media Conference in Konya. I was speaking on ‘EU Refugee Crisis and Brexit’ at the conference.

During our meeting at the Prime Minister House in Ankara, I said to the Turkish Prime Minister HE Binali Yildrim: “US leader Henry Kissinger once said: it is irrelevant if US punishes its enemies or not but it definitely punishes, its friends’. The reason you have over 3 million Syrian refugees and facing worst kind of terrorism is because of the policies of your friend USA and NATO allies.

Pakistan is a victim of similar US and NATO policy since 1979 USSR invasion of Afghanistan and US occupation in 2002. Over 3 million Afghan refugees are on Pakistani soil for over 35 years and a sinister wave of terrorism caused billions of US$ damage to the properties, infrastructure, roads, bridges, lost over 5000 soldiers and over 90,000 civilians.”

So Your Excellency instead of moving ‘round and round’ in circles you should go direct to your friends USA and NATO allies and tell them that: “your (NATO – USA) policies in this region are damaging Turkey gravely”.

In response, HE Binali Yildrim said: “I agree with your analysis and we do raise these issues with the US and NATO allies. Later speaking to me informally the Prime Minister’s aide (Foreign Secretary) said: “what you have said we do raise these matters with the concerned countries i.e. US, NATO and EU”.

I told H.E that: “Pakistan has done all that is possible for US and NATO apart from turning into a woman but US demands of ‘do more’ are never ending. The reason US could cause all this damage to its ally and friend, Pakistan is because of ‘corrupt politicians and generals like Pervez Musharraf’. Pakistan was member of SEATO and SENTO but according to, small print of the agreements US did not help Pakistan in 1965 war with India instead put arms embargo in the middle of the September 1965 war. The US 6th fleet never arrived in East Pakistan in 1971, to support which resulted in disintegration of Pakistan.

Now a reasonable question come to mind is how US and others were able to damage both Pakistan and Turkey in the guise of a friendship? That could be possible only if they had such a treacherous kind of generals in the armed forces and civilian officers in the government within their regimes as well as a corrupt political class. The syndication and treachery of all the above three caused deaths and destruction in both Turkey and Pakistan”. Both cannot be cured without the eradication of these three – cancerous group of individuals.

For example, in 2008 when corrupt and criminal Asif Zardari become President of Pakistan he immediately put a moratorium on capital punishment and provided relief to the terrorists as well as terror financing mafia groups within the system of government. Nawaz Sharif continued with this policy of criminal and terror appeasement. So on the one hand US and NATO were bombing Pakistan and on the other hand terrorists and criminals were killing civilians but no one was hanged even those who were already granted death penalty by the courts. Both President Asif Zardari and Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif lied to the people of Pakistan by saying: ‘if we grant death penalty to the criminals and terrorists EU and West will put sanctions on Pakistan.

When Turkish President Tayyab Erdogan made a statement about re-instating death penalty subject to the approval of the Parliament in the aftermath of the failed coup in which hundreds have lost their lives and thousands are injured at the hands of coup plotters on 15 – 16 July 2016, some people said that: EU and US will object to this decision of awarding death penalty to traitors.

Any reasonable person will be thinking on the one hand these captured failed coup plotters who are allegedly found to have links with the foreign friendly capitals within EU and NATO and on the other hand same capitals will be objecting these ‘traitors’ to be brought to Justice??

Surely, we know that ‘Capital Punishment’ (Execution or Death by Hanging or Electrocuted Death on Chair) is legal in USA, China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and others. The European Union (EU) continues to do business with them and never objected. Why to object in Turkey?

I wrote to the European Union to clarify their position in the after math of the Peshawar Massacre of Children in the Army Public School on 19/12/14 and within hours European Union sent me the following response after consulting their experts:

Dear Dr (Shahid) Qureshi

“Pakistan was granted a Generalised Scheme of Preferences Plus (GSP+) trade arrangement as from 1 January this year (2104). The moratorium on executions is not a GSP + precondition and is not part of any of the 27 core conventions under the GSP+ scheme. That being said, in the process leading up the granting of GSP+ by the EU, and as part of Pakistan’s effort to show its commitment and willingness to make significant progress on human rights, the Government of Pakistan undertook to maintain the de facto moratorium, which has been in place since 2008.

The position of the EU is well known: we are against the death penalty in all circumstances because we believe it is not an effective deterrent and is an irreversible form of punishment.

After the horrific massacre in Peshawar, the EU High Representative and European Commission Vice President Frederica Mogherini issued a statement expressing her shock and heartfelt condolences, reiterating the commitment of the EU to tackle the threat posed by terrorism and to further assist the Pakistani Government.”

I sent the above European Union response to British Human Rights Lawyer Barrister Amjad Malik for comment. Barrister Amjad Malik said: “Lifting ban on moratorium does not affect GSP plus status as long as Pakistan is committed to improvement on human rights and due process of law”.

So the bottom line for the Turkish Government is as long as due process of law is followed in cases of these coup plotters specifically, European Union and others should not have any objection as all countries have their own special circumstances linked to the ‘national security’ and so is Turkey in this case. No one should be allowed to make a criminal issue a moral one.

At last the Turkish leadership has realised that it must look towards EAST for example Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO).

President Tayyip Erdogan was quoted as saying that Turkey did not need to join the European Union “at all costs” and could instead become part of a security bloc dominated by China, Russia and Central Asian nations.

“Turkey must feel at ease. It mustn’t say ‘for me it’s the European Union at all costs’. That’s my view,” Erdogan was quoted by the Hurriyet newspaper as telling reporters on his plane on the way back from a visit to Pakistan and Uzbekistan.

“Why shouldn’t Turkey be in the Shanghai Five? I said this to (Russian President) Mr Putin, to (Kazakh President) Nazarbayev, to those who are in the Shanghai Five now,” he said.

“I hope that if there is a positive development there, I think if Turkey were to join the Shanghai Five, it will enable it to act with much greater ease.”

Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan speak Turkic languages, and Ankara signed up in 2013 as a “dialogue partner” saying it shared “the same destiny” as members of the bloc.

Mongolia, India, Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan are SCO observers, while Belarus, like Turkey, is a dialogue partner. Dialogue partners are entitled to take part in ministerial-level and some other meetings of the SCO, but do not have voting rights.

The EU is treading a fine line in relations with Turkey: it needs Ankara’s continued help in curbing a huge flow of migrants, especially from Syria, but is alarmed by Turkey’s crackdown on opponents since a failed coup attempt in July.

Former Pakistan Army Chief General Mirza Aslam Beg said:

“The coup makers attempted to stem the tide of change taking place in Turkey, under the democratic order, but failed, unlike the earlier four attempts made in 1960, 71, 80 and 97, which succeeded. The attempted coup took place because the military considers itself the ‘guarantor of the secular political order’ and opposes President Erdogan and his party leading the political Islamic order, which also is not acceptable to the Shadowy powers – the champions of democracy, who prefer a pure secular democratic order as in Bangladesh. For example, the political Islamic order in Egypt was ruthlessly crushed by the military, supported by petro-dollars of the Middle East and the ‘champions of democracy’. No wonder, the New York Times of 19 July laments: “Political Islam Emerges winner in Turkey. All in all Turkey will become a country where power is more consolidated and dissent will be more difficult.”

President Erdogan leads a popular political movement. Economy is stable because of balanced fiscal policies. He has turned around the economy; paid back US$ 24 bn to IMF; brought about 64% increase in GDP, raised the national reserves from US$ 25 bn to 135 bn, and brought down inflation from 32% to 9%. Several high profile national developments projects have uplifted the level of prosperity.

A significant feature was the loyalty of the police force to Erdogan, over which he has a strong grip. The efficient intelligence network was ready and vigilant to face such a crisis. As of now, the opposition parties support the government, condemning the coup makers in a rare show of unity. Even the Kurd Democratic Party (HDP) and others stand by the side of the government.

“Now Turkey has an opportunity to use this plot as a means for national reconciliation. There has been a societal and political consensus in rejecting the attempted coup and the government should take comfort from this.”  The failed coup is a golden opportunity to heal a deeply divided society.

“Curiously, the coup attempt coincides with the nascent trends of a shift in the Turkish foreign policy – in particular, in the direction of a rapprochement with Russia and a possible rollback of Ankara’s interventionist policies in Syria. These events would constitute a major setback to the US’s agenda to establish a permanent NATO presence in the Black Sea to contain Russia.” The moot question is, who was supporting the ‘Young Turks’ who rebelled.

Why did the government seal-off the Incirlik airbase and declared a ‘No fly zone’? Why didn’t the petro-dollars work here to buy the support of the higher military command? Whatever the reason, “the critical milestone soon will be reached in the country’s relationship with the US and Europe.”

The coup failed but it may not fail again, when the Turkish armed forces regain their élan. Their moral strength lies in their past and history. The victorious powers in the First World War destroyed the Ottoman Empire. “The ruins of that empire were then chopped into bits by the Allies and handed over to brutal kings, vicious colonels and dictators galore.”

Mustafa Kamal Ataturk emerged to unite Turkey as a secular state. Under his leadership the army defeated the enemy forces in the battle of Gallipoli and holds this honour at the deep recess of their hearts. It will assert itself.

According to a political activist: “One history glimpse and psychological operation against turkey was that ‘ARAB REVOLUTION THAT NEVER HAPPENED:

Muslims should stop believing the old colonial lie that Arabs rose against the Ottomans, they didn’t! The British wanted to carve up the Muslim world, destroy forever its ability to rise again. They devised a manufactured propaganda narrative, so that history would record that a nationalistic revolution against an evil Islamic empire, had occurred, and that the British and French had simply aided that revolution – they were the friends of that revolution.

The simple message this narrative tried to convey was vital. It’s aim was to try to falsify history, preach and teach future generations that this was a war for freedom – by Arabs themselves.

Yes it is true, that at first they set about trying to get the Arabs to revolt, (you must have heard of Lawrence of Arabia) what he and others quickly realised was that nationalism was alien to the Arabs, they didn’t understand it – remember Islam has eradicated it from our minds, for over a 1000 years. The other problem was the fact that Arabs didn’t oppose the Ottomans enough to fight them. Ottoman rule was so decentralised that Arabs ruled themselves anyway.

To cover their plan, (known as “Sykes-Picot”) a plan to overthrow and break up the Muslim world and establish nation states by force they needed history to record a lie. They did not want future generations of Muslims to think, outsiders had created the nations but it was fought for, for by their own forefathers.

In this way, the nation states would appear to be what the Arabs wanted all along – all future generations would be duped with by this narrative. They would not need dictators to keep the order – because Arabs would be fooled into believing it was the will of the people.

And since nationalism was what they believed they had fought for, they would thus cling, fight and die for it. It was genius. Arabs would fight and die for an order the West had created for them and never know it.

The British did succeed in a very limited way, two or three tribes (from what is now Saudi Arabia) were paid in Gold to fight the Ottomans, they were few in number that the British and French emptied jails and paid the convicts to fight with these tribes against the Ottomans. Laurence of Arabia then was a liar, his accomplishments were pathetic and he was a failure in most regards – but needing a hero, the British pushed his version of him leading the Arabs into history.

Not a single Arab Ottoman army division deserted, which shows how large a failure the British and French plan was. The Arabs thus did not fight or want to fight the Ottomans. This was a LIE.

The propaganda that was meant to fool the Muslim world, was so well thought out, that after they had defeated Iraq or Syria (I can’t recall which one) they had Arabs march in, photographing it, so in the future and they could “prove” the Arabs had ‘liberated’ the city not crusading westerners.

That is how much in detail they planned propaganda (psychological operations) a 100 years ago, you can imagine what they do today!

The lie fell apart only because the Russian aristocracy was overthrown in a bloody ‘revolution’. And the new regime published the secret pact and communication that revealed the breaking up of the Ottoman empire had secretly been agreed by the world powers – the division and creation of Arab states then was a foreign plan – and Arab nationalism had nothing to do with it. If that has not happened, to this day, we would believe that the fall of the Ottoman Empire was the Arabs fault.

Yet despite history conspiring (and Allah planning) to expose the elite’s agenda, to this day, many ignorant Muslim leaders tell millions of Muslims that it was an Arab uprising.

Today sadly due to illiterate Muslim scholarship, we still believe that the Arabs revolted against the Ottomans, continuing the lie the British and French had created. That is how ignorant we as Muslims are – of course our own history is not that important to our scholars, only that we have long beards, short trousers and go into the toilet with the correct foot.

But for those who do think that we cannot allow those who hate us to manufacture a history for us – please make sure you know the Truth. Thank God for non-Muslim scholars who have unearthed and published the Truth about the event.”

Well there are few things Turkey can do or may be already doing:

  1. Turkey to emphasise on New National Narrative
  2. Enhance National resilience and Will of the people
  3. Re-connect with the history – lessons learnt or not learnt
  4. Identifying friends and enemies
  5. Clarity in strategy to deal with all
  6. Zero tolerance of anti-state activities at home and from abroad
  7. Unambiguous and clear Massage to so called ‘friends’ causing damage and harm
  8. Rule of justice and Law
  9. Corruption is root cause of terrorism financing
  10. Living without joining EU dream
  11. Reforming – controlling banking and financial system
  12. Re connecting with the cultural roots
  13. Non-complacent national and international policy.
  14. No foreign based politics or religious activity should be allowed. Neutralise foreign assets and future Mehdis, Gulens (USA), (Tahir) Qadris (Canada), Altaf Hussain (UK) and Khomeinis (France).
  15. Re Write the correct historical narrative of various groups living and operating home and abroad.
  16. Strategy and Counter strategy to fight psychological operations.

(Dr Shahid Qureshi is senior analyst with BBC and chief editor of The London Post. He writes on security, terrorism and foreign policy. He also appears as analyst on Al-Jazeera, Press TV, MBC, Kazak TV (Kazakhstan), LBC Radio London. He was also international election observer for Kazakhstan 2015 and 2016 and Pakistan 2002. He has written a famous book “War on Terror and Siege of Pakistan” published in 2009. He is PhD in ‘Political Psychology’ also studied Law at a British University)

Views expressed are not of The London Post










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