Units of Special Forces of Pakistani army arrived in Saudi Arabia to participate in a joint military exercise


Mar 23, 2015, SPA — Units of Special Forces of the Pakistani army arrived on Saturday at Taif Regional Airport to participate in a joint exercise with a Saudi Royal Land Forces’ duty contingent in the fifth edition of the exercise “Samsam”, which kicks off early next week in King Salman mountain warfare center on the field of Shamrakh, north of Baha region.

All participants from both sides have ended preparations for this exercise, whose training will include focus on war in hard mountainous terrain environments and in irregular operations. Saudi Royal Air Forces, land forces aviation and units of the Border Patrol will participate in the exercise operations.

This exercise comes in the framework of military cooperation between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and is added to the exercises that combine the two sides in order to raise the combat efficiency of the Saudi Royal Land Forces and the Pakistani army.