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Ukip ‘threat to political class’

Nigel Farage will reveal details of party polling today that he claims will show Ukip poses a threat to the “entire British political class”.

The Ukip leader will attempt to ensure the party’s conference in Doncaster comes to a close with a bang by setting out research that outlines how it is making major inroads in Labour’s heartlands.

Transport, energy and international trade policies will be announced on the final day of the gathering at the racecourse in South Yorkshire.

Mr Farage has declared that Ukip is “parking our tanks” on L abour’s lawn and tearing vast chunks out of its vote.

He told activists yesterday that studies shows Ukip is a threat “not just to the Conservative Party, as the papers would have you believe, we pose a threat to the entire British political class and I’ll drink to that”.

“This party is not about left and right, this party is about right and wrong,” he said.

Ukip has set out a raft of policies to directly appeal to traditional Labour voters, including proposals to investigate a “luxury goods” tax, quickly dubbed a “wag tax”, that would be levied on high price items, such as designer shoes and handbags.

Minimum wage earners would be taken out of income tax altogether and inheritance tax would be abolished, under Ukip plans.

Mr Farage also attacked the use of private finance initiative deals within the NHS, accusing Labour of doing “more than anybody to actually bring private money into the health service”.

The Ukip leader urged the “people’s army” to mobilise and fight hard for every vote.

“The message that needs to come out from this conference is that actually, in our target seats next year, in the by-elections and in the general election, if you vote Ukip you will get Ukip,” he said.

“If we get this right, and if we win enough seats in that parliament in what is going to be a tight general election we could even say to people ‘vote Ukip to hold the balance of power’.

“And if we hold the balance of power there won’t just be a referendum on our EU membership there will be a culture change in British politics. It will be a kind of politics that represents ordinary men and women in this country.

“It will be politics of change, it will be a politics that is better than the one we have today.

“So I’m going to say to people from this conference let’s go out there, let’s fight in our people’s army hard on the ground. A tremendous potential prize awaits us.”

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