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UK snow risk Tuesday night

Much of the UK could see some sleet and snow through Tuesday night as the cold weather continues.

It’s been a cold few days right across the UK with the country experiencing it’s coldest weather since March 2013.

Northerly winds dragged arctic air over the country through the weekend and this cold air mass is set to remain across the UK throughout much of the week.

However, milder air from the Atlantic will continually try to push in from the west this week.

Through Tuesday a frontal system will erratically push eastwards across western areas of the UK, bringing cloud and outbreaks of rain.

As it meets the colder air, the rain will readily turn to sleet and snow.

Northern Ireland will see the rain, sleet and snow first, reaching here during the early hours of Tuesday morning, with a Met Office severe weather warning if force here for the risk of 2-5cm of snow until 10am.

This band of showery rain will then erratically push eastwards through the day and overnight into Wednesday morning, bringing the risk of snow as it interacts with the cold in place across the country.

The transition from rain to snow is also particularly hard to forecast as slight changes in temperature can make the difference in whether any one location gets rain or snow.

However, the areas most at risk of seeing some snow are highlighted on the map below.

The Midlands, north-east Wales, the Manchester area and parts of Yorkshire look like seeing the heaviest falls of snow, with as much as 8cm possible.

Other areas could also see some snow at times, although across the far south of England it is likely to fall as rain.

The rain, sleet and snow may not make it to the far east of England before fizzling slowly fizzling out during the day on Wednesday.

The colder weather will then stay in place through Wednesday and Thursday before another push of milder Atlantic air tries to move in during Friday.

This time, the milder air is likely to win out but another spell of sleet and snow is possible before the milder conditions move in behind.

Due to the tricky forecast this week, it’s always best to keep up to date with the latest weather information here at The Weather Network.

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