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UK Government tells Mosques; force out the preachers of hate

The Government has taken the unprecedented step of writing to every mosque in the country to tell Muslim leaders that they must do more to root out the “men of hate” who are preaching extremism.

Eric Pickles, the Communities Secretary, has written to 1,100 imams and Islamic leaders urging them to publicly condemn the Al Qaeda terrorists behind the Paris massacres, the Daily Telegraph has learned.

Whitehall is unable to defeat jihadist ideology alone and Muslim leaders have “a responsibility” to prevent young men and women from becoming radicalised, Mr Pickles said in a letter sent last Friday.

The letter says that Imams must explain to young people what it means to be British. And it says that mosques who identify hate preachers within their midst can receive free legal advice to force them out.

Mr Pickles’ letter comes at a time when tension between communities in Britain is running high.

The Metropolitan Police announced it had increased security around police buildings and would be increasing the number of armed officers.

Theresa May, the Home Secretary, pledged to “redouble our efforts” in the face of a terrorist threat driven by “chilling” anti-Semitism.

Lord Sacks, the former Chief Rabbi, on Sunday said that anxiety among British Jews is at a “record high” with many scared to attend synagogue or go to the shops.

And writing for Telegraph.co.uk, Mick Davis, the Chairman of the Jewish Leadership Council , today warns of an “alarming rise” in anti-Semitic attacks with Jews at risk from Islamist terrorists “just for having the audacity to exist”.

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