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Turkish-Russian rapprochement, and US plans in Syria

(By Dr. Basel Haj Jasem – Researcher in Turkish-Russian affairs ) : – 

Paris believes that the missile attack carried out weeks ago by the United States, Britain and France in Syria caused a rift between Russia and Turkey, which have different views on some issues, especially in Syria, French President Emmanuel Macaron said in a television interview.

it is no secret that the attacks of Western countries in Syria among its goals, to break the relations between Russia and Turkey. It is no secret that any disagreement between Moscow and Ankara is in the interests of the West. Therefore, the West will continue to exert pressure on the difference points between them.

Russia has allowed Turkey to use force inside Syria any time it needs. This has mostly stopped, and perhaps even delayed, Moscow’s use of extension of the Syrian PKK (YPG) against Turkey, as well as Russia’s clear support for Turkey’s deployment the observation points around Idlib and other regions according to the agreements of Astana, in addition to the fact that any possible military action in Idlib, Russia will take into consideration the view of Turkey and it benefits, because of the negative consequences for Ankara. It is also clear to everyone that Ankara-Moscow understandings are to some extent restraining the US behavior and desires in Syria.

All this has not stopped Ankara’s relations with Washington in Syria, which allows Turkey to continue declaring its seven-year-old situation against the Assad regime, although the strategic alliance between the two countries has not yet stopped the cooperation between the United States and the Syrian extension of the PKK. It could make it limited in some places, as happened in the process of Olive Branch campaign in Afrin – Syria. The continuation of the US-Turkish talks on Syria prevents Russia from achieving full influence on the Syrian issue on the one hand, and makes Washington find it unavoidable to take Turkey’s interests seriously into account. It is certain that those who support Turkey against PKK and its branches YPG will have the best relations with Ankara.

It is true that the path of Astana Syrian talks between Turkey, Russia and Iran has suffered several recent shocks. However, it remains a common need, intersecting on more than one side, with Syria-Syria (military regime and opposing military groups) in order to stop the settlement secessionist expansion supported by Washington, under the pretext of fighting ISIS.

Washington has been intervening militarily in Syria for years, and according to its stated objectives, to combat the “ISS,” the same goal that Russia declares. But what is happening on the ground is another thing as Washington supports separatist groups YPG that represent the Syrian extension of the PKK ( classified as terrorist by NATO)).

It is true that the Turks are changing their positions quickly and smoothly. We denote here to the relation return after the crash of the Russian plane, the return of the Turkish-Russian relations (after) is considered the most important change in Syrian affairs. However, the real change Turkey can make in terms of the war in Syria and the region in general is to be a bridge between all sides. The stage that it is incumbent upon Ankara to prove its ability to make a difference in the course of events in Syria, after all parties realize the impossibility of winning one party without others.

In the context of complex understandings regionally and internationally, the head of the defense committee in the Russian State Duma, Vladimir Shamanov, that Turkey is acting as a mediator to calm the tension between Russia and the United States on Syria. He explained in a statement to channel “Russia 1”, that Moscow is communicating with NATO through Turkey, and also communicating with the American side through the Chief of Military Staff of the two countries, and reported that the Chief of Military Staff of Turkey, Khulosi Akar, is coordinating the communication between Moscow and NATO.

It is clear that Ankara is trying to remain neutral in the American-Russian tension, especially since it is associated with the two countries in many files, as well as differs with them in other files, and it has no interest today in aligning with either side completely in Syria. Recent events have shown America’s inability to recognize the “bargaining limits” of its partners and competitors, as well as the marginalization of Arabs in most of the Arab regions of the Syrian Arab Republic, where it established military bases. The question here is about what Washington wants? And what exactly is its.

Disclaimer: Views expressed are not of The London Post.

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