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Turkey’s YES Campaign leading with 60 points: Serdar Kardesleri

(By Dr Shahid Qureshi – Ankara) :-  

In past 94 years, Turkish Republic had 65 governments as it come to change of government every two years. Now ‘YES’ campaign is leading with 60 points. I believe if this system to work and move ‘Yes’ must win said Serdar Arseven Kardesleri Senior editor and coordinator of widely published Turkish daily Newspaper Milat. He was exclusively talking to The London Post. 

He said: “We have governments with a few weeks of life. The ruling AK Party, has won all elections since 2002 with net scores. The number of governments established even during this period is 8”.

Mr Serdar was of the view: “what does the change of government mean in a country? The same thing cannot be said for every part of the world, but it is a fact for Turkey: every government mean a new staff, many breakthroughs. Before every election, the market stops, the bureaucracy does not work … Everybody tries to predict how the election will come out”.

He believes: “If one party power comes out, the morals are recovered, if the coalition comes out, the markets are dispersed, everything is dispersed. In the coalition governments, each of the “common” parties is self-employed. They want to place their own staff. It wants to break its success to its own party, failure to government. The state becomes a field of contention. Things get clogged”.

Mr Serdar stated: “There has always been a fight between the presidents and prime ministers in Turkey. The first President, Atatürk, has dismissed Prime Minister Ismet İnönü, whom he did not like as much as his sin. İsmet Inönü, who get rid of his job from Atatürk, took his revenge by taking “Atatürk photos” from Turkish Lira. While Ataturk was sick, İnönü did not go for himself. When Ataturk died, he did not go to the funeral. These crises have always been experienced; Almost all the President and all the Prime Ministers have “eaten” each other. President Ahmet Necdet Sezer, who was former President Abdullah Gul, launched a constitution book on the head of the then Prime Minister Bülent Ecevit. So, the country has experienced a major economic crisis”.

Mr Serdar stated: “It is known that even during the AK Party, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and prime minister Ahmet Davutoglu have been involved in conflicts.

After this? If “YES” does not come, this ship will not move. If this ship does not walk, billions of victims who rely on Turkey, are disappointed.

What is the reason for the “no” demerits of the “PKK terrorist organizations” and the “enemies of Turkey” fostering them?

Is it possible to believe that Turkey is considering the goodness of the Turkish Nation?

So, what happens if you say “YES” or “no”?

I think it is clear that “YES” will come out.

A month or so ago, “YES” seemed to be five points ahead of “No”.

The “bullshit” made by the Netherlands and some other western countries climbed “YES” votes.

Finally, a CHP deputy said, “YES” I received at least two more points if I declared that they would intend to pour all the “YES” houses into the sea if “YES” appeared.

He was of the opinion that now: “President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is hanging well, there is unprecedented enthusiasm and participation in the rally areas. I mean, “YES”, at least 60 percent.This rate is increasing day by day”.

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