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Turkey’s 104 shameless retired admirals ‘who never learnt from history’

By İbrahim Karagül:-

Those 104 retired admirals, those 104 forgotten men, those 104 pro-tutelage individuals attacked Turkey by issuing a disgraceful declaration. They issued a “memorandum” to the government and gave Turkey an ultimatum.

They targeted Turkey’s national presence, its resistance, cause, its struggle to recover after a century, its goals to build an honorable future, and its ideals to re-establish itself as a regional and global force.

They targeted the political legacy that gave the region and the world the glad tidings of a new rise, a new turn in history, the political gene that was oppressed following the collapse of the empire that was the heart, mind and soul of our nation for centuries, and is finally revived again today.

Those 104 retired admirals took action to keep Turkey out of the game as world is being re-established

Those 104 admirals took action to place Turkey under U.S. patronage once again, to doom it to EU control, to keep Turkey out of all the action as the world is being re-established, and to confine it both at home and abroad once more as the earth’s power and resources are being shared.

Similar to the efforts of those who destroyed the Ottoman Empire and divided it among themselves to exclude it from history and the region, these 104 admirals whom they trained, groomed and assigned to those positions repeated the same cliches: Remain under tutelage, never act on your own, and follow the instructions from U.S. and European capitals to the tee!

Those 104 admirals: The declaration is a set-up. They’re conjuring something

This is a helpless mental disease that is trying to regulate a nation that built empires and ruled continents. It is a type of Baathism that is stuck in the mid-20th century! They used Kemalism as a shield, calling out for U.S. patronage and European tutelage. They did this supposedly “out of concern for Turkey.”

If 104 retired admirals are gathering to issue such a declaration, it means they are establishing such a group, an organization, a front. Retired diplomats, colony messieurs were also similarly driven to the ground in the past. Soon there will be new ones coming.

This means there are anti-Turkey preparations being conjured up within the country. For example, it means that they are not only calling or hoping for a coup, but there is also a multinational plot being prepared abroad. It means the mind that is uniting terrorist organizations and building a political front within is building organizations piece by piece.

Those receiving orders from US, reporting to Israel, who are you to regulate the people?

This is the mentality of those who are trying to siege Turkey from all corners; a country that recovered after a century and launched a new rising period. Therefore, it is a harbinger that this attempt by the “retired” admirals, who lounge in villas and sip their drinks in music halls, is a national security matter.

At the time these admirals were on duty, Turkey could not put a toe outside the zero point of its border and the shores of its seas. Terror was attacking our cities, bombing us for decades.

Israel was attacking our naval base; coup plans were being plotted against Turkey in cooperation with Israeli admirals at the Gölcük fleet base. Orders were received from the U.S., and reports were made to Israeli generals.

Did you issue a declaration for the Aegean, East Mediterranean, for anti-terrorism in support of Turkey!

Those 104 admirals, who shook their finger at Turkey, at our nation, at the state that has been acting with a mighty national mind for the first time, who threatened us all in favor of the interests of others, did not issue any declaration to support the war against terrorism in Iraq and Syria. They did not issue any declaration against those who built a war front against Turkey in northern Syria.

They did not issue any declaration in support of Turkey, a country that has been putting up the fight of the century for the East Mediterranean. They did not target those who amassed weapons and armaments against Turkey in the Aegean, on the islands or in Dedeağaç (Alexandropouli). They did not support Turkey in the Libya and Karabakh wars.

They acted like the U.S. in Syria and Iraq, like France in the Mediterranean, like Greece in the Aegean, and like Israel in the Middle East. They abandoned Turkey in all these struggles.

An attack on Turkey’s axis: Dangerous fronts being built, organizations established slyly

We now see that their real deal is Turkey. It is to punish Turkey for leaving Western tutelage. It is to act together with those cornering the country from abroad and those sieging from within. We know that “stopping Turkey” is the West’s biggest plan. Thus, these retired admirals have been unleashed on the ground for this purpose.

There is an all-out attack against Turkey’s axis. There is an attack emanating from Syria, from Iraq, from the Mediterranean, from the Aegean, and from within. They have major front operations, great organizations. Their bosses and assassins are obvious. Our nation’s fight is obvious.

There are those who are promoting the old plans, the present aims of the occupation forces that plundered these lands and carved us into pieces a century ago.

Whose weapons are you using against whom! Whose bullets are you using to hunt this country!

As history is turning, as history and the region are being rebuilt, as Western capitals’ sovereignty within is being crushed, as Turkey is emerging as a global superpower, whose weapons are you pointing at whom? Whose bullets are you using to hunt this country!

This is the biggest power rise post-Ottoman Empire. No force, no group, no political plan can change this. They cannot and will not be able to change it.

Both the U.S. and Europe are applying pressure; terrorist organizations are being mobilized to this end. Economic coups are being plotted. Regional countries are being used as undertakers.

The chapter of the 20th century closed long ago, and these admirals remained stuck there. That is also where they will be forgotten. Regardless of whose weapons they gird themselves with, they will disappear in that quagmire.

Support the homeland’s axis! Tell it to every individual!

This solidarity must be explained across Turkey; to every home and every individual; from the country’s cities to streets, its mountains to its seas, its villages to its towns. It should be conveyed that there is no longer an interior policy but rather a new establishment and rise, that the region’s power equilibrium is changing, and that one of the most powerful states of the 21st century must rise from here.

A mobilization, a wave must be formed in this direction. Everyone whose heart beats for the homeland must join this mobilization. There is no more internal policy. We have a plan that transcends political party plans.

The homeland’s axis should be expanded and strengthened. The influence of the tutelage remains of the past should be broken and nullified. It should be silenced.

The showdown of the last millennium is in store ahead of 2023. This declaration is an ‘internal threat’

The showdown of the last millennium is going to take place ahead of Turkey’s 100th anniversary of the Republic in 2023. Hence, all former influence groups are being unleashed on the ground. This declaration, this “memorandum” is an internal threat. They must be called to account for it. Are you calling out for a coup? Are you calling out for U.S. and European intervention? Are you opening the gates of the fortress from within? Whose weapons are you using to frighten Turkey?

We declared something to the world on July 15, 2016: What the “relentless resistance” means for us! They and their bosses must have forgotten. We will show them once again! Have no doubt of this. But they must certainly be called to account for this declaration.

Source: https://www.yenisafak.com/en/columns/ibrahimkaragul/those-104-retired-admirals-making-a-declaration-against-the-government-giving-turkey-an-ultimatum-this-declaration-is-an-internal-threat-2047824

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