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Turkey marks 100th anniversary of Gallipoli Battle

GALLIPOLI, Turkey, April 24 (Xinhua) — Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and British Prince of Wales Charles Friday joined more than 18,000 people to mark the Gallipoli Battle that took place a century ago.

Addressing participants from over 70 countries at the ceremony in Gallipoli, Erdogan said that the world needs comprehensive peace in all the conflict zones now more than ever.

“In order to attain global stability and peace, tolerance must be present for all world populations” he remarked.

Erdogan issued this statement on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Canakkale Land and Sea Battle also known as the Gallipoli Battle, where he reiterated his appeal for peace.

He underscored that Turkey is ready for full cooperation to make the next century one of peace and said, “The cure for terrorism, Islamophobia and all types of hate is here, in the tolerance and friendship of Gallipoli.”

He also called upon the next generation to safeguard the spirit of friendship and tolerance of the Battle of Gallipoli.

“I understand the young generation already adopted that spirit as over 10,000 youths arrived from New Zealand and Australia, thousands of miles away,” he said.

The Prince of Whales in his speech said that the world must remember the heroism and humanity of both sides during the Gallipoli Battle.

“In 1915 both sides were united by the disaster caused by war. The effect of the Battle of Gallipoli is global” he said, adding that the world must remember the tolerance experienced during the war in reaching peace.

“Since WWII many regions faced brutal crises and conflicts. We should remember the tolerance of the Gallipoli Battle in overcoming crises,” he pointed out.

Around 10,000 Australians and New Zealanders arrived in Gallipoli in the Marmara region to mark the centennial of the Gallipoli Battle with two days of ceremonies.

The first commemoration was held at the Turkish soldiers’ cemetery known as Mehmetcik Monument. The Ottoman army band the Mehteran performed at the event.

Turkish air pilots performed a flying show to honor the spirit of the Gallipoli Battle while warships from Turkey, France, New Zealand, Australia and Britain performed a joint navy parade.

There were also separate ceremonies at the British and French cemeteries.

The Gallipoli Battle was the bloodiest and also the most decisive of WWI. Over 100,000 people from both sides lost their lives and the battle ended with the defeat of the allied countries including New Zealand, Australia, Britain and France by Ottoman forces.

The Battle is considered a landmark in world history, changing world power distribution paving the way for the formation of the new world order.

The war initiated the idea of establishing nation states.

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