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Trump denies reports he will declare premature victory in US presidential election

As Americans headed to the polls on Tuesday to vote for either incumbent Donald Trump or his Democratic challenger Joe Biden as their next president, the Republican leader denied any speculation that he will claim a premature win saying he will declare victory “only when there’s victory”.

“There’s no reason to play games. I look at it as being a very, very solid chance of winning here. I don’t know how they rate the chances,” Trump told TV show “Fox and Friends” in one of his signature call-in interviews.

Trump said he had a “very solid chance at winning” but downplayed allegations that he planned to prematurely declare victory before enough votes were tallied to determine a winner.

The Axios news website reported Sunday that Trump is planning to declare a premature victory Tuesday night if it appears that he is ahead in the race even if votes are still being counted and key states have not been called.

Following the report, Twitter said Monday it will add a warning label to any posts that prematurely declare a victor in the U.S. presidential and congressional elections, with Trump immediately labeling it as another ”false” report. Republicans have long blasted social media and certain big tech companies for siding with Democrats and interfering in the course of U.S. elections.

During the interview Trump said he felt good about his chances, predicting that he would register big wins in key states such as Florida and Arizona.

“We feel very good,” Trump said. “We think we are winning Texas very big. We think we are winning Florida very big. We think we are winning Arizona very big,” he said. “I think we are going to do very well in North Carolina. I think we are going to do well in Pennsylvania. We think we are doing very well everywhere”.

Running behind in most opinion polls, Trump bashed Democratic opponent Joe Biden, the “biased” media and the “extreme” left as he repeated his argument for reelection.

“Joe Biden is not prime time,” he said.

The Republican candidate also said he understands why businesses are boarding up their storefronts but feels it is a shame they feel they need to do so. Trump predicted that if there is to be violence and unrest, it would be in Democratically run cities such as Chicago, New York, Portland, California and Baltimore – placing the blame on “weak leadership.”

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