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Tornado uproots the ‘Persian plot’

WHOEVER thinks the ‘Determination Storm Operation’ is aimed only at rescuing Yemen from the claws of the Iranian expansion monster is wrong. Also, he is extremely wrong if he considers the operation just a reaction which ends once the impact of the action is gone. Despite its official name, it is actually a tornado that uproots the Persian plot, particularly in the Arabian Gulf.

If Tehran thinks its expansion in the region is its prize for signing a deal with the 5+1 Group regarding its nuclear program, it is wrong because the scale of its nuclear program is confined in the weight of its behavior in terms of this file only.

Meanwhile, the expansion has another scale which is identified by the countries in the region and their people. Tehran should have realized 36 years ago that its dreams will not come true in our countries. If the ways of confronting it to awaken it from such dreams differed from one phase to another, the ‘Determination Storm Operation’ is being carried out today to remove those dreams from its sick imagination.

All nations in the region have expressed appreciation and gratitude to Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz for taking a decision to uproot the Houthi tumor from Yemen. Appreciation is also extended to all leaders and countries taking part in the operation and those who quickly joined the Arab-Islamic alliance.

We do not exaggerate in saying that if the military air operations of the alliance were delayed for two days, Iran would have signed a deal with the six countries and it would have considered this a green light to carry out its expansion plot, starting from Yemen whose people were forced to succumb to a mercenary gang. It would have appointed an Iranian military ruler in Yemen. It would have started mobilizing its sleeping cells in Bahrain and then to the eastern part of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Coincidentally, it would have activated its media machine to strike a deal with America on one hand, and the movement of its cells on the other hand; making them appear like a series of divine victories similar to what its Lebanese foster child, Hassan Nasrallah, did when he claimed that his defeat in front of Israel was a divine victory. Yet, the difference today lies in the fact that the Iranian plot opened the doors of the region to the winds of the poisonous sectarian conflict, through which Tehran has been planting its seeds in the last three decades under the guise of ‘exporting the Islamic revolution’.

We thank the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques for putting a stop to the decades-long anxiety that gripped the region under the flame sparked by Iran. This country had repeatedly guaranteed diplomatic solutions but the door was quickly shut, either due to the statements made by its leaders or the misdeeds of militias.

They have exploited the good intentions of neighboring countries which have been working hard for peace to reign in the region — an act they considered a sign of weakness. However, the current military action might have shown Iran that it is just a troublemaker which must be subjected to stern disciplinary action.

Leaders of the coalition for virtue and stability in Yemen and the region made their point through the offensive against the tunnel of vice and conspiracy where the bats of extremism, enmity and division incubate. The paradigm shift has put the world powers face to face with their responsibilities against the Iranian vicious plans, so it swiftly made a supportive stand.

Again, thanks to the respectable and credible coalition leaders for rescuing the region and its people. Without a doubt, they are the victors.

 By: Ahmed Al-Jarallah

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