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The Queen names the next class of supercarrier in Rosyth

 (London) In the pipeline for more than five years, Britain’s largest and most advanced aircraft carrier was officially named today. The HMS Queen Elizabeth was christened by the Queen herself at Rosyth Docks, with a bottle of whisky replacing the traditional champagne

In total, the HMS Queen Elizabeth and the HMS Prince Of Wales will represent around eight acres of sovereign British territory that can be deployed anywhere around the globe. This picture is in a computer-generated image of how the supercarrier will look when it’s finally completed, placed next to the Houses of Parliament fr scale. There’s still some debate over whether the second supercarrier will be used, sold or mothballed because of the limitations of the defence budget – at this stage it’s more expensive to halt construction on the HMS Prince Of Wales than to go ahead with it. Royal Navy officials say that if the second ship isn’t deployed, Britain will be left under-protected for 20 percent of the year. A final decision will be made in the 2015 defence review.

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