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Tajikistan boosts parliamentary diplomacy with the UK

(London Post – PR)   Charge de ‘affairs at Tajikistan embassy in London Mr Asliddin Rahmatov, speaks on recent establishment in Tajikistan’s Parliament of the Group of friendship and cooperation with the British Parliament, current state and prospects for developing inter-parliamentary ties between two countries.

Tajikistan is extremely interested in the progressive development of strong and trusting relationship with the United Kingdom in all areas of cooperation, including the development of inter-parliamentary ties. Inter-parliamentary cooperation has a special place in state-to-state relations between Tajikistan and the United Kingdom and is a good example of an open, constructive and meaningful dialogue.

Establishment in the Parliament of Tajikistan of the Group of friendship and cooperation with the British Parliament is a clear demonstration of efforts of my country to further consolidate and develop bilateral relations with Great Britain.

The group, which will operate under the chairmanship of Mr. Bakhtiyor Hudoyorzoda, the Chairman of the Committee on Legislation and Human Rights, also includes members of parliamentary committees for economy and transport, science, education, culture, youth policy and women. Thus, the group activity is aimed at enhancing bilateral cooperation in various areas of state-to-state relations.

I acknowledge with great sense of satisfaction that during recent years our countries have managed to achieve significant results in parliamentary cooperation and there is no doubt that a new group of friendship with the UK Parliament will stimulate even better progress.

Parliamentary exchanges is a vital mechanism of promotion of cooperation between the legislative bodies. The visit of a high-level delegation to London in 2010, headed by Mr.Mahmadsaid Ubaidulloev, the Chairman of the upper house of parliament, has laid a solid foundation for the progressive promotion of inter-parliamentary ties in the future. In the course of the visit, high-level meetings were held in various committees of the British Parliament, with the authorities of the ministries and agencies of the United Kingdom; issues of economic cooperation were discussed with the business groups and there was a working trip to Scotland.

At the same time members of British Parliament pay regular visits to Tajikistan. Almost every year the members of the UK parliament visit Tajikistan. In the course of their visits they hold meetings with their counterparts from Tajikistan Parliament, heads of ministries and departments, and non-governmental organizations in Tajikistan, facilitate successful realization of the human rights reform and reform of the penal system implemented by the Government of the country.

In that context, British-Tajikistan All-Party Parliamentary Group plays a key role. It is gratifying to note that this group exists and operates successfully in the British Parliament. Not all countries in our region have similar groups in the Parliament of Great Britain, so its existence and activity is an important achievement of our two countries.

Last year, with the active assistance of the Chair of this group Baroness Vivien Stern an event dedicated to Tajikistan was organized in British Parliament. The event was attended by the Tajikistan delegation headed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr.Sirojiddin Aslov. Then there was a meeting of the Minister with the Speaker of the House of Lords Baroness D’Souza .

It was the first time in the history of inter-parliamentary relations between our countries that a Foreign Minister of Tajikistan provided information about the goals and objectives of the external and internal policy of the government of Tajikistan, and on the prospects for future cooperation between the two countries. The readiness of Tajikistan to cooperate in the conservation and protection of the ecological balance in the region and the world at large, as well as the protection of water resources was also noted.

Taking this opportunity, I would like to express my most sincere gratitude to Baroness Vivien Stern for her great personal contribution to the development relations between of parliaments of our countries.

Summarizing the above, I would like to wish the parliamentary groups of both countries every success in strengthening and expanding their relations, and express the embassy’s willingness to further promote their successful activity.

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