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Swedish Elections sparked ‘Race and immigrants’ debates  

By Rada Bakr in Sweden: –

There was an election debate on SVT Swedish television Channel. When it was time for the topic integration Jimmie Åkesson made a statement that: ‘the core problem with that integration does not work is because foreigners are foreigners and that is the reason they cannot get Jobs in Sweden. They do not fit in”.

The Center party leader Annie Lööf got furious at this comment when he mentioned just the ‘wording” because there are ‘foreigners. Discrediting all foreigners, no matter if you are work labour, children of mixed marriages, refugees, asylum seekers”

The SVT took distance from his statement afterwards. Typically, Swedish mentality when it comes to racism. They put a lid on and withdraw. Swedish mentality conflict fears. Control. In this matter he did not just expose just his own SD/ Swedish democratic party, He exposed all swedes being prejudice and racist. So no surprise Annie Lööf put her hand down marking what are you saying?

He was saying the truth, Swedes are really racists??

(writer is political activist and analyst)

Disclaimer: Views expressed are not of The London Post

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