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Support for independence from UK surges in Scotland, poll shows

Support for Scottish independence continues to be the majority opinion in Scotland, according to the latest poll released on Friday.

The survey found that 53% back independence while 47% are against it.

With regard to Scotland’s voting intentions in the national Westminster parliament, the pro-independence Scottish National Party (SNP) were on 51%.

SNP deputy leader Keith Brown said: “This is yet another significant poll for the SNP and the independence movement – showing people want decisions about Scotland to be made by the people who live here and not Boris Johnson.

“Faced with the increasing threat of a hard or no-deal Brexit, and an unprecedented power grab on the hard-won powers of the Scottish parliament, it’s no wonder people in Scotland are demanding the right to choose a better future.”

Meanwhile, the Shetland Islands – located northeast of mainland Scotland – voted in favor of looking into ways to achieve independence from Scotland.

Councilors voted 18 to two in favor of seeking “financial and political self-determination.”

“We are concerned that this ongoing situation is seriously threatening the prosperity and even basic sustainability of Shetland as a community,” the motion read.

They criticized the SNP, saying decision-making was centralized and slammed funding cuts. They also said the Scottish parliament feels “remote” to the islands, which have a population of 23,000.

The Shetland Islands are not looking to become an independent nation, but rather be governed as a Crown Dependency, like Jersey or the Isle of Man.

This would allow them to keep oil revenues from their waters, which would damage the finances of a future independent Scotland.

Independence from Scotland would require a referendum in the Shetland Islands.

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