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Strategic Dossier: Evolution of the Cyber Domain Launched

(London Post – PR) The launch of the new IISS Strategic Dossier, Evolution of the Cyber Domain: The Implications for National and Global Security, took place at the International Institute for Strategic Studies’ (IISS) headquarters at Arundel House, London. Nigel Inkster, IISS Director of Future Conflict and Cyber Security, gave a statement about the Dossier, which was followed by remarks from the panel and a question-and-answer session.

The development of modern information and communications technologies (ICTs) has transformed human interaction, and that process is still far from complete. Nowhere is this more true than in the field of international security, where ICTs have empowered both states and non-state actors in ways that have collapsed the distinction between war and peace, while dramatically shortening the decision-making timescales of policymakers and military commanders. The Dossier maps out and explains the developments and processes that gave rise to this state of affairs, and analyses their strategic significance. It covers the earliest efforts to develop computer networking and charts key technological, security, legal and policy developments up to the present day.

The Dossier examines:
· The evolving geopolitical interplay between the major cyber powers: the United States, Russia and China
· The implications of this interplay for balancing liberty and security
· Intelligence collection
· The development of national military cyber doctrines and capabilities, and their influence on the changing character of conflict
· The international legal and policy challenges of managing this new domain
The Dossier is designed to serve as a foundational text on the evolving cyber domain for policymakers, opinion-formers, scholars and all those concerned with the key issues shaping the global security environment.

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