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Srdjan Kurpjel’s music Journey from Sarajevo to London

(Exclusive interview by Sevda Uykan ) : –

Srdjan Kurpjel is a Founder of ZOUND, international playground for post-production, Composer and Re-Recording Mixer. He is such a successful musician who began playing piano when he was 4 years old. And here are my questions for the London Post readers.

1) Please tell us about you, your family and your life?

l was born back in 1971 in Sarajevo surrounded by lots of love, compassion and joy! in 70s everything was much more simple, pure and precious for my opinion. I am coming from family which is connected to each other more then anything and l believe that is the key for success having happy childhood. My role model was my father, he was one of the advanced architect for his term in Yugoslavia. He was the strongest man l ever met, that is how they managed the survive the War we had. My mother was Classical singer and teacher at Music Academy in Sarajevo and that is how my first touch begin with piano while l was waiting for my mum lessons to finish.

Sevda music photo face .png age 4

They are still in love, living happily and that is one of my luck in life.

2) What attracted you to begin a career as a musician and composer? Were you always interested in music as a career path or was it something your family encouraged?

l must say that, l did not start anything for success or career! I was simply born with the melody in my soul and fall in love with the piano by age 4 … That’s all l remember. I would forget everything while l playing piano as a small boy and still 40 years later, reality comes unreal while playing piano.My parents were my biggest support during all my life including my choice of profession too. l personally do not believe in career plans and etc.

I always experienced that you have to find your dream, doing what you most love and you will get what you deserve! Time will bring everything in order. That’s how l found myself in movies, commercials from classical piano background to sound design, feature film mixing … Sound to Picture was another chapter in my life, destiny brought to me opportunity in a such a right time.

3) Could you please tell us about your business? Why do you feel this is the ideal profession for you?

As a person l love my freedom, being creative and a experiment what l did not discover yet. Who l am in my life was perfect match for this profession! I meet different people constantly, adapt to new journey each time and always get lost in creative ideas that will perfectly marry each project! That is me, my vision of life , not just the business.

Sevda music photo face .png age marriage

4) What were your biggest projects and accomplishments that has made you proud?

Every project l worked on had something that made me do it and made me proud, sometimes creating original music, sometimes sound design! It is really hard to divide projects after all your hard work you put in from your soul … My work is stretching over many continents, many different languages, working with Academy winners to first time directors , I am proud what l done for each commercial , each feature film. Perhaps, creating soundtracks together with Goran Bregovic over 10 years is my favourite.

5) What are the biggest challenges that you face in your job and what are your strengths and weaknesses?

If l have to be honest biggest challenge is in this business is to find a way to make lots of people happy at the same times (Producers, Directors, Creatives). Challenge is not a issue with any projects itself but challenge is an issue when it is come to please so many different opinions with many different perspectives and creative decisions. My strength comes from believing in my gut feeling but if we talk about weakness being perfectionist is not easy.

6) Can you please tell us about your hobbies?

My biggest hobby is “Happiness “. Being with my loving, having a good food , travelling , seeing different cultures even just staying in peace …
Having a good life is best hobby l believe!

Thank you.

Edited by Dr Shahid Qureshi

Views Expressed are not of The London Post.

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