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Spying with electric Bulbs in Occupied Kashmir by Indian forces

(London Post Report): –

Indian security forces are using electric bulbs for spying in the homes. Indian occupying forces distributed bulbs in thousands among the Kashmiri people free of charge as part of smart bulbs and lighting the town project. Kashmiris have destroyed almost 3700 bulbs up to now. These highly sophisticated bulbs with sensors to detect movements, voice recognition as well as recordings are provided by the Israelis reported in media.

Few days, a student in Tral area of Occupied Kashmir saw some suspicious movement in the bulb in his house. He checked it out by an expert and it was revealed that bulbs are fitted with sensors to record movements and voice recording. No House in Tral was safe as Indian security forces could listen to every household.

Indian security forces are relying on electric devices than human intelligence. Indian co-operation with the Israelis is not a secret as they are using same tactics being used against Palestinians. The three-layered fence at LOC (Line of Control) and at intenational border is another example of the co-operation of the two countries.

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