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Spy Chief Lost to Organized Mafia in Pakistan

By Dr Shahid Qureshi  : –

(London Post) The organized crime of corruption is not so easy to probe and prosecute due to its complex nature and intricacies. One of them is the mudslinging device and hue and cry propaganda of the corrupt elements during the early investigations of such cases so as to avoid attention, distort the facts and baffle the minds of the general public. One such example is that of the false accusations manipulated by corruption mafia against the person of ex-Director FIA/ KPK, Fasihuddin, which appeared in Daily The News, Islamabad on 25th Nov, 2010. The report is full of unsubstantiated allegations and twisted facts. This means that the corruption mafia, against whom Director Fasihuddin had opened enquiries and registered cases of misuse of power, has blurred the vision of a newspaper to the extent which has caused aspersions on the good name of freedom of expression. Some allegations which are extremely personal and tantamount to names-calling is a proof of the underlying malicious designs of corrupt mafia through an unaware journalist, sitting in Islamabad and commenting on the details of FIA enquiries and cases in KPK while having not consulted the case files, the investigation officers or other case documents.

This ignorance of facts led to sinister propaganda against the ex-Director Fasihuddin, which is likely to help the accused in some mega scams. Though some newspapers like Pakistan Peshawar (dated 26/11/2010 and 27/11/2010) Daily Express (dated 26/11/2010), the same newspaper The News (dated 26/11/2010& 27/10/2010) have clearly identified and commented that the transfer of Director Fasihuddin was the result of his actions against powerful corruption mafia in WAPDA, TESCO, money launderers, banking sector and some other powerful NGOs and government officials.  However, it is also necessary to issue a rebuttal to the same story and alleged accusations, mostly personal and distorted, and the media friends are requested to publish the same, as to avoid confusion, make things clear and help the country in bringing the corrupt elements to the court of justice who have provided even extremely false information to an esteemed newspaper like The News. I also reserve the right to issue a legal notice to the reporters, who, in my view, should also sue his informers for false statements. However, following are the brief facts in reply to that story: It is stated in the story that the mega scam of Rs.6.8 billion against TESCO officials was not properly reported by a press statement.

This shows the ignorance of the writer as the same newspaper, The News had published a detailed report on the said enquiry by Javed Aziz, on October 18th, 2010 while quoting the Director Fasihuddin. It is the second largest case of FIA after the case of Steel Mills and the steps taken by the Director Fasihuddin like issuing of notices, compilation of record and constituting an enquiry committee for the said purpose in a shortest time was a success story of FIA/KPK. The same newspaper The News on Nov 27th, 2010 has clarified that a lot of efforts and initiatives had been taken so far in this enquiry. Now, the corrupt officials of PESCO against whom 12 cases have been registered for illegal recruitment and TESCO have joined hands with some FIA  officials in order to avoid legal action against them and any possible recovery from the Rs. 6.8 billions losses to the national exchequer. The first step was the removal of the Director Fasihuddin as he didn’t accept any pressure to close the enquiry or give relaxation to the accused. This is a fit case to be taken up by the Supreme Court as this involves a huge loss to the public money. Moreover, enquiry No. 68/2009 against the Adam Gee Paper Mills, which was closed by the predecessor of Fasihuddin now Director Admn Mr. Inam Ghani for no valid reasons, involves a scam of Rs. 5.2 billion (approx) and about 1200 Kanal of government property acquired for industry, was reopened by Director Fasihuddin, is another mega case for which some FIA officials at KPK, in connivance with culprit-mafia, are busy to do away with this another mega corruption case.

The Supreme Court of Pakistan may take up this too in addition to another big enquiry, now dormant but ordered to be  re-activated by Director Fasihuddin against WAPDA construction also involves multi-million malpractices, was earlier closed by Director Inam Ghani.  This enquiry involves many senior PESCO officials amongst them a few are reportedly the relatives of some senior officials and politicians. It is because of the strong and unbending attitude of the Director Fasihuddin for registration of cases and initiation of enquiries that ultimately led to the twice transfer of the Director with no reasons and that too in a very short span of time of four months. The same mafia is now active to remove the Director from the FIA within 5months whereas the normal tenure of deputation is 3-years. All these above cases including some other against financial crimes are now coveted decoys for some subordinate FIA officials in connivance with a few senior and some political elites. It is reported that these developments are closely watched by public as well as intelligence agencies, and any action by the Supreme Court will be highly helpful in order to safeguard the national interest. As for the fleeing of militants from district Dir from Peshawar Airport is concerned, it is a baseless accusation and if there is any proof for the name and ECL reference, it must be enquired against the immigration staff of Peshawar.

However, there are a number of agencies working at the airports and the computer system, called PISCES, is very sensitive to any name which is blacklisted or on any ECL. Such incident can’t escape the eyes of so many senior officer and watch-dogs, and it is just a malicious accusation in order to malign the FIA/KPK. Though the character assassination was just an attempt to beguile the general public and divert their attention from such high level corruption cases and to mask the investigation processes, so it is not required to reply further to other personal attacks. The propaganda behind the twice transfer of the Director has been fully explained above.

The strength of the mafia of corruption can be judged from the fact that an XEN, a main accused and a friend of a senior FIA officer in the mega case, has been re-posted in the field at the same station Peshawar from desk job within 24 hour of the transfer of the Director. To the accusation of one XEN going on Hajj, it is clarified that the same XEN went to Hajj prior to inclusion of his name in the ECL and who has returned and the enquiry committee has written to his parent department for his removal from his post. As a last word, the FIA is a national agency and is responsible for taking action against corrupt elements and organized crimes, cyber crimes etc I fully supported the anti-corruption drive of the Federal Minister Mr. Rehman Malak and devised a strategy to implement the same in letter and spirit of which the aforesaid enquiries and cases are a glaring examples. The other FIA officials are responsible for their own official work and any laxity reported is properly dealt by an internal accountability mechanism. However, the strong corruption mafia facilitated the transfer of the Director Fasihuddin, who is also the Editor –in-Chief of Pakistan Journal of Criminology, the only research based journal on criminology and policing in Pakistan, in connivance with some of the FIA officials, who want to sabotage the investigation of these mega corruption cases and which rightly demands the attention and intervention of the Supreme Court of Pakistan for the protection of the rights of public property and national assets.

Note: The above statement can be verified from Fasihuddin (PSP) President of Pakistan Society of Criminology.

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