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Sinister Plan to Break up Muslim Countries

By Commodore Tariq Majeed PN (Rtd)  : –

As someone said: ‘your ignorance is their power’ so educate yourself as well as remember to keep yourself updated with the plans of pawn broker, bankers and shylocks.  Muslim Countries including Pakistan are being engulfed by a ‘Deadly Danger’, of which they seem to be not conscious. The reality of Arab spring and subsequent destruction of Libya, Syria, Yemen and ongoing turmoil in Iraq, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia is not a mere coincident but a sinister plan on the go. Turkey is new Pakistan now as it is burdened with Syrian Refugees and terrorism. The sinister players create problems in the neighborhoods of the target countries to soften them before demolishing and wakening them. Below is the reference of the original theme going on now.

[It] “reveals the mechanism whereby the State of Israel intends to engage in a systematic intervention against the structures of all the neighbouring Arab States, with a view to breaking them up.” From Roger Garaudy’s research study, The Case of Israel:  A Study of Political Zionism, London, Shorouk International, 1983

Awareness is the Key to Dealing with Danger

The brief on the Zionist Scheme against Muslim Countries was first circulated for awareness of military authorities in August 2003, more than 12 years ago. Realizing the importance of the disclosures about the aims of World Zionism and the Zionist State, and America’s backing to them, the vital passages from Garaudy’s book were reproduced in a booklet, which was circulated to relevant quarters. Did it make any impact on them? There was no indication that they gave this warning the attention it required. General Muhammad Aziz Khan, who was Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee, showed interest in acquiring Garaudy’s book. His staff officer was given the necessary information. This Awareness Brief is somewhat expanded.

Thoughtful people, more so in America, questioned and protested when the US invaded Iraq in March 2003. Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction, no link with 9/11, and its oil exports were controlled by UN/US since Iraq’s defeat in the first US-Iraq War in March 1991. It proved to be a painful calamity for the American nation. It was meant to be so. Bush Administration invaded Iraq not for any US interests but for the interests of Israel and World Zionism.

This can be understood from what French author and outstanding intellectual Roger Garaudy wrote in 1983 about the Zionist Plan for Breaking up Muslim Countries. It is also a dire warning to the public leaders in Muslim Countries.

The US-NATO Wars of 1991 and 2003 against Iraq were pre-planned, manufactured events. So were the critical events before them, such as the Iraq-Iran War and the Soviet-Afghan War, and the events following them, including the September 11, 2001 Air Attacks in America, the 7 October 2001 attack on Afghanistan by US-NATO forces, and the political cum social upheaval in several North African and Middle Eastern countries in 2011, cunningly labelled ‘Arab Spring’ by the western media, while, in fact, it resulted in plunging these countries in political and social turmoil.

Garaudy’s remarkable book is an eye-opener. It should be studied with utmost attention by policymakers and analysts in Muslim Countries, especially Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Turkey, in order to grasp the schemes that World Zionism and the Zionist State of Israel, are executing to destroy and undo the Muslim Countries. Reproduced below is a portion of what Garaudy uncovered in 1983.

Excerpts from Garaudy’s Book (Pages 133-135)

An article by Oded Yinon, in the Review Kivunim (Directions), published by the World Zionist Organisation in Jerusalem (No. 14, February 1982), sets forth a “Strategy for Israel in the 1980s.” This article reveals the mechanism whereby the State of Israel intends to engage in a systematic intervention against the structures of all the neighbouring Arab States, with a view to breaking them up. An enterprise on this scale, backed by the unconditional support which the United States gives to Israel, would inevitably raise a tidal wave in all the Arab and other Muslim Countries. The plan thus constitutes the most dangerous detonator for a third world war…

These megalomaniac aims are all the more dangerous in that, up to now, even in its craziest mythological speculations, the Zionist state has performed every task that it publicly set itself. We therefore reproduce the most significant passages from this article, which emanates from the World Zionist Organisation and reveals the aims which correspond in today’s circumstances to the century-old dream of “Greater Israel” cherished by political Zionism:

“Regaining the Sinai Peninsula, with its resources present and potential, is a first-rate political aim which is obstructed by Camp David and the peace agreements . . . Without oil and the income from it, and given our gigantic current expenditure . . ., we shall have to act so as to restore the situation to the status quo which existed in Sinai prior to Sadat’s visit and the mistaken peace agreement signed with him in March 1979.

“The economic situation in Egypt, the nature of the regime and its pan-Arab policy will bring about a situation such that … Israel will be forced to act, directly or indirectly, in order to regain control over Sinai. Owing to its internal conflicts, Egypt does not constitute a military-strategic problem, and it could be driven back in a day or two to the position it was in after the war of June 1967. The myth of Egypt as the strong leader of the Arab world definitely did not survive 1967. Egypt’s power, in proportion both to Israel alone and to the rest of the Arab world, has declined by about 50 per cent since 1967. In the short run, owing to its recovery of Sinai, Egypt will gain several points at our expense, but that will not change the relation of forces to its advantage.

“In its existing domestic political image, Egypt is already a corpse, all the more so if we take into account the growing rift between Muslims and Christians. Breaking Egypt down territorially into distinct geographical regions is the political aim of Israel in the 1980s, on its western front.

“If Egypt falls apart, countries like Libya and Sudan, or even the more distant states, will not continue to exist in their present form, but will share the downfall and dissolution of Egypt. The vision of a Christian Coptic State in Upper Egypt, alongside a number of weak states with very localised power, and no centralised government such as has existed up to now, is the key to a historical development which, though set back by the peace agreement, seems inevitable in the long run.

“Although the western front appears, on the face of things, to present more problems, it is actually less complicated than the eastern front. The total dissolution of Lebanon into five provinces serves as a precedent for the entire Arab world”.

“The break-up of Syria, and Iraq later on, into ethnically or religiously homogeneous areas is Israel’s primary long run aim, with the destruction of the military power of those states as the primary aim for the short run. Syria will fall apart, in accordance with its ethnic and religious structure, into several states, so that its coast will be a Shi’ite Alawi state, there will be a Sunni state in the Aleppo area and another Sunni state round Damascus, hostile to its northern neighbour, and the Druzes will set up a state of their own – perhaps in our Golan, but certainly in the Hauran and northern Jordan. This state will be the guarantee of peace and security in the area in the long run, and this aim is already within our reach today.

“Iraq, on the one hand rich in oil, but on the other torn by internal conflicts, is firmly in Israel’s sights. This country’s dissolution is even more important for us than that of Syria. Iraq is stronger than Syria and, in the short term, it is Iraqi power that constitutes the greatest threat to Israel. A war between Iraq and Syria…will tear apart and bring about its internal collapse even before it becomes able to organize a struggle…against us.

“Every kind of inter-Arab confrontation will assist us in the short run, and will bring nearer realization of the higher aim of breaking Iraq up… So, three (or more) states will come into being around the three major cities – Basra, Baghdad and Mosul – while Shi’ite areas in the south will separate from the Sunni and Kurdish north. It may be that the present Iran-Iraq confrontation will deepen this polarization.

“The entire Arabian peninsula is a natural candidate for dissolution, through pressure from within and from without. This is bound to happen, especially in Saudi Arabia, no matter whether that country’s economic might, based on oil, remains intact or whether it ultimately decreases. Internal conflict and breakdown are a natural process clearly due to result from its present political structure.

“Jordan constitutes a strategic target for the immediate future, but not for the long term, for it will not be a real threat to us after the ending of the long reign of King Hussein and the transfer of power to the Palestinians, . . Israel’s policy both in peace and war ought to be directed toward the liquidation of Jordan under the present regime and the transfer of power there to the Palestinian majority. Changing the regime east of the river Jordan will also bring an end to the problem of the territories, densely populated with Arabs, to the west of the river. Whether through war or under conditions of peace, emigration from these territories, and an economic and demographic “freeze” inside them, are the necessary guarantees of the coming change on both banks of the Jordan, and we ought to be actively engaged in accelerating this process in the very near future…

“It is not possible to go on living in this country as at present, without separating the two nations – the Arabs to Jordan and the Jews to the West Bank. Genuine co-existence and peace will reign over the land only when the Arabs understand that without Jewish rule between the Jordan and the sea they will have neither existence nor security.

“In the nuclear epoch we shall soon enter it is no longer possible to live with three-quarters of the Jewish population on the densely-populated coastline. Dispersal of the population is therefore a domestic-strategic aim of the highest order . . . Judea, Samaria and Galilee are our sole guarantees of national existence, and if we do not become the majority in the mountainous areas we shall not rule in this country, but shall be like the Crusaders, who lost it …

Re-balancing the country, demographically, strategically and economically, is our supreme and most central aim today. Control of the watershed that runs from Beersheba to Upper Galilee is necessitated by our major strategic aim of settling the mountainous part of the country, which is at present empty of Jews.”

The Destructive Zionist Plan is Achieving its Aims

The Plan is infused with misleading statements. It speaks of a future war between Iraq and Syria, though both are being annihilated by other means. It talks of internal conflicts, rift between Muslims and Christians, inter-Arab confrontation, Arabian peninsula, a natural candidate for dissolution, implying as if these are just natural, local factors and will get worse by natural process. In fact, there is systematic, clandestine, forceful effort by Israel that is stirring and intensifying these and other subverting factors.

Israeli effort includes organized terrorism to cripple the target countries.

It is extremely disturbing, but an undeniable fact, that the Zionist Plan has been achieving marked success. To superficial political experts and those policymakers who have no idea of the nature and aims of Organized World Zionism this Plan may have seemed unreal, even in 2003 when US and NATO forces invaded Iraq. And, this refers not only to the civil and military circles in Pakistan but also to those in the other Muslim Countries. But, they should be wiser now, as the volatile world moves into the year 2016 with numerous political upheavals in its tracks.

Iraq and Syria are broken up. So are Sudan, Somalia, Libya and Yemen; Afghanistan is being led toward break up. The same forces, Israel’s Mossad and America’s CIA, using India’s RAW where required, are operating in the other target countries, including Turkey, Iran, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Nigeria, Indonesia and Malaysia. Mossad and CIA are the creators and controllers of all the terror gangs, including Taliban, AlQaeda and the so-called ISIS.

It is for the ruling and policy-making elite to recognize the imminent threat and to identify the resources and strategies being used by the Zionist Enemy, and take measures to confront the threat. One Zionist strategy, devastating for Muslims, is to pit Iran and Saudi Arabia against each other and project it as a Shia-Sunni fight. And, one powerful Zionist resource is, as Garaudy says, “unconditional US support to Israel.”

(Tariq Majeed is retired Commodore of Pakistan Navy and a dedicated researcher in the Zionist global game, and has numerous writings on the subject.)

Disclaimer : Views expressed are not of The London Post.

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