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Signing of new law in Russia which could hamper work of NGOs

(London Post)  Foreign Office Minister concerned about further clampdown on NGOs in Russia. Minister for Europe, David Lidington, has expressed deep concern about the adoption of a law which could hamper the ability of international human rights non-governmental organisations (NGO) to work in Russia and support Russian civil society.

Following President Putin’s signing of a law allowing foreign and international non-governmental organisations operating in Russia to be labelled “undesirable” if they are deemed to pose a threat to Russia, David Lidington said:

This is yet another example of the Russian authorities’ harassment of NGOs and those who work with them in Russia.

The new law will directly affect the ability of international organisations to work, promote and protect human rights in Russia and is clearly aimed at undermining the work of Russian civil society. NGOs make a vital contribution to society. I strongly urge the Russian authorities not to interfere in the valuable work of NGOs.

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