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All Sides killing Children in Syria – That is Genocide

By Rafiga Mammadzadeh :

Air strikes – led coalition: 14 dead including 6 children. Government forces attack: 30 dead including 15 children. Russia bombs hospital “by mistake”: 9 dead including 3 children. Unknown forces bombed school: 28 dead including 22 students.

This not a civil war, but obvious genocide. Sacrificing children for piece of land, oil or money will bring not only end of humanity, but also end of live world.

Videos reflecting these disasters used to be shared by anger and discussed by everybody. Nowadays people don’t watch the videos, skip the headlines for not getting upset. It is not easy; 6 years have already passed since 2011. Every day for six years tens of children got killed, played with dead bodies of their moms and dads, were left orphan.

UNICEF has shared a statement: “Record” number of children death recorded in Syria – more than 650 death.

Organization which has shared the statement is the foundation was built by UN for protection of children rights. Now its duty is only reveal of statistics. It can’t protect rights of the children who don’t exist anymore. UNICEF can’t find a child to protect anymore.

UNICEF has also turned its back to the children who were also left by God.

There was a video in which toddler boy was talking and crying:

“Bashar Assad has destroyed us. What we have done to him? We didn’t do anything to deserve this. Assad is killing us. What we have done to him? What?”

What can be more tragic than crying 5 – 6 years old boy, who is asking such questions? Even if these kids who are in the dirt of politics, dying alive every day losing their relatives, family under destructions, survive how will they start or continue their lives again? How will they smile?

War has its own rules, casualties are mandatory, I understand it. But this is not war. It can’t be war if civilians are getting killed instead of militants, schools and hospitals are getting bombed instead of

military bases, children are getting killed by most advanced technologies. War should also have an honour. History has not seen such an inglorious war.

I thought that, I can help children only by praying. But I have left praying after I saw tragic headlines after each prayer. I am afraid to pray.

I used to think that god of Arabians is bigger than ours – just because they are talking in the same language. It seems like it doesn’t even exist.

(writer is correspondent of The Daily Telegraph – Azerbaijan, based in Istanbul)

Views expressed are not of The London Post

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