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Sick Pakistani Prime Minister found Strolling in Oxford Street

(By Dr Shahid Qureshi  ): –  Nawaz Sharif Pakistani Prime Minister on sick leave from Pakistan found strolling around oxford Street with his official body guards. Mr. Sharif had a planned heart surgery at a private clinic in Harley Street some weeks ago.

He is also holding the office of Froing Minister of Pakistan as well as Prime Minister rest of the key positions are held by his relatives. Now Pakistan a nuclear state is without a Prime Minister and Foreign Minister.

Nawaz Sharif family has been found to be holding offshore accounts ‘Panama Leaks’ as well as businesses, wealth and properties in London.

Sharif is going to celebrate Eid in London as usual since he has become PM in 2013. When he was exiled for 10 years as part of Saudi back deal by the Gen Musharraf he used to complain to media that: ‘I cannot celebrate Eid in my Pakistan with my people’.

Mr. Sharif kids, and family wealth is in billions abroad while Pakistanis are suffering with water and electric shortages.

The question Pakistanis are asking that is Britain holding Pakistani criminals and corrupt and seems to be complicit in this corruption of Pakistani politicians and elite.

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