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Sheikha Althani for Underprivileged Children (SATUC) 


(London – PR) Sheikha Shikha bent Hamed Althani led a humanitarian mission in Sudan last April, widening the area of coverage of the organization that she set up to help the most disadvantaged children of the World. Sheikha Althani for Underprivileged Children (SATUC) was born out of Sheikha´s dream of a better future for every child, regardless of race, religion, or nationality. Her most recent expedition to Sudan took her to visit the hospital Dr. Ahmed Qassem and she also had the opportunity to hear the demands and necessities of orphaned children in Khartoum.

Her relentless work in the area focused not only on trying to improve their hard reality, but on highlighting the moral duty that the international community has to assist the underprivileged children of one of the most impoverished countries in the World. Her mission contributed to put a smile on their faces and crucially to facilitate some of the vital goods that the hospital needs to carry out its duties.

After witnessing the plight of the children she had to opportunity to visit, Sheikha made a personal plea to the World leaders not to forget them: “We are their brothers, sisters and parents”. Her mission in Sudan is the latest of a chain of humanitarian work which has taken her to places such as Egypt, or Malawi, where she has provided relief to some of the neediest children of the World.

Her commitment started at a very early age and strengthened throughout the years until the birth of SATUC. The founding of her own organisation has allowed Sheikha to engage with the communities she has been working with, helping not only to brighten the present of thousands of children, but to guarantee a better tomorrow for the most deprived of the World.

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