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Sectarian killings in Alepo is dangerous for Iran and Shia Militia says Afghan Taliban

(Afghanistan – PR) Afghan Taliban in a statement said: ‘Russia and Bashar forces refrain from killing civilians in Syria’. The Taliban said: ‘Muslim countries have failed to resolve the syrian crisis’.

The indiscriminate killings of men, women and children in Alepo is a black dot on the conscience of the World. It is the responsibility of the whole world to save humanity and humans.

A statement issued by the orders of their leader Afghan Taliban statement issued in Pashto said: Sectarian killings of innocent would be a glottal threat to both Iran and Shia Militia. Iran and its militia must refrain from it. In a statement Afghan Taliban pressed the Iran and Russia alliance to refrain from killing of unarmed civilians, men, women and children.

A senior analyst said on the statement: “Iranian and Shia militia’s actions and atrocities will make a case of complete destruction of Iran and its militia. Iran is blinded with sectarianism and it designs in Yemen and Bahrain would lead to its own destruction. Iran and its Shia militia has lost all moral case and grounds after killings in Alepo.

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