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Saudi Arabia: Terrorists had fair Trial in the Court

(London Post)  The Ministry of Interior issued today a statement on the execution of 47 criminals in the Kingdom’s various regions.

On behalf of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Ministry of Interior would like to announce the following statement:

“The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in exercise of its full sovereignty, which is respected by international law, and in enforcement of its national laws and judgments issued by criminal courts based on Shariah (Islamic Divine Law) which is in fact the basic source of legislation in the country as stated by the Basic Law of Governance stating that the Holy Quran and Prophet’s Sunnah are the Constitution of the Kingdom, and that Shariah law is the sole authority over the judiciary and legislations including those providing all souls and properties with full safety and security, and applying deterring judicial punishments against those who were convicted in terrorist crimes against innocent people, properties, and security forces, spreading disorder and exposing national security and safety to dangerous threats , a number of terrorists have been executed due to their convections by Saudi Criminal Courts after they stood fair trials with full respect to due process under Islamic criminal law.”

Those verdicts decided that the convicted criminals were found guilty of committing Banditry crimes since those criminals committed a variety of terrorist attacks and crimes such as targeting civilians including Saudis and foreigners, officers including military and security personnel, officials, military and security bases, diplomatic and consulate missions and their personnel protected by all Islamic sacred texts, and both national and international laws.
14:08 LOCAL TIME 11:08 GMT

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