Saudi Arabia sanctions two Leaders of Hizballah Responsible for terrorist operations


(Jeddah May 27, 2015, SPA) — The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, on Tuesday Sha’ban 08, 1436AH corresponding to May 26, 2015 designated two members of Hizballah’s leadership responsible for operations throughout the Middle East, further exposing Hizballah’s pernicious activities that reach beyond the borders of Lebanon. These designations include two senior members of Hizballah responsible for activities including supporting Al-Assad’s regime in Syria among them assisting and sending fighters, and making payments to various factions within Yemen and serving as military leaders responsible for terrorist operations in the Middle East.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will continue to combat Hizballah’s terrorist activities with all available tools and will continue to work with partners around the world to make it clear that Hizballah’s militant and extremist activities should not be tolerated by any nation.

As long as Hizballah spreads instability, conducts terrorist attacks and engages in criminal and illicit activities around the world, we will continue to designate Hizballah’s operatives, leaders and businesses and impose sanctions as a result of designation.

The individuals sanctioned on Tuesday were designated under the Saudi Law of Terrorism Crimes and Financing and the Royal Decree A/44, which targets terrorists and their supporters for acting for, or on behalf.

Any assets of these two individuals under Saudi jurisdiction are frozen, and Saudi citizens are generally prohibited from engaging in any transactions with the individuals designated on Tuesday.

1. Khalil Yusif Harb. Date of Birth: 9 October 1958

Khalil Harb served as the deputy commander and then the commander for Hizballah’s central military unit, the commander of Hizballah’s central military operations and supervised Hizballah military operations throughout the Middle East. As well as Harb was responsible for Hizballah’s Yemen activities and was involved in the political side of Hizballah’s Yemen portfolio. Since the summer of 2012, Harb has been involved in the movement of large amounts of currency to Yemen., and in late 2012, Harb advised the leader of a Yemeni political party that the party’s monthly Hizballah funding of $ 50,000 was ready for pick up.
2. Muhammad Qabalan. Date of Birth:1969.Citizenship:Lebanese.

Hizballah terrorist cell leader Muhammad Qabalan (Qabalan) once served as the head of a Hizballah infantry platoon, as a leader in Hizballah’s Unit 1800, was serving as the Lebanon-based head of the Hizballah Egypt-based terrorist cell targeting tourist destinations in Egypt and was coordinating the cell’s activities from Lebanon. In April 2010, an Egyptian court sentenced Qabalan in absentia to life imprisonment for his involvement in the cell, which was subordinate to Hizballah’s Unit 1800. As of late 2011, Qabalan worked in a separate Hizballah covert unit operating in the Middle East. Also Qabalan still plays an essential role in supervising Hizballah policy that spreads instability, conducts terrorist attacks and engages in criminal and illicit activities around the world.