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SATUC and the Islamic Centre in London join hands to help children

(LONDON – PR ) Sheikha Althani for Underprivileged Children – SATUC and the Islamic Cultural Centre have established a new partnership to promote synergies aimed at the common goals of both organizations. The collaboration was agreed by SATUC’s founder, Sheikha Althani, and the Director General of the Islamic Cultural Centre, Dr. Ahmad Al Dubayan, in a meeting held at the headquarters of the London Central Mosque Trust, where the centre is based.

Sheikha Althani and Dr. Al Dubayan focused their first gathering on exploring the shared matters of interest of their respective organizations, namely the development of opportunities for the World’s most disadvantaged children and the paramount importance of education to guarantee a better future for the younger generations.
Paying special attention to Arabic areas, as these represent the main target for the Islamic Cultural Centre, they agreed a line of cooperation to improve the reality of the children while in the field, as well as in London, where both Sheikha and Dr. Al Dubayan have based their operational work.

As a result of this partnership, SATUC will be involved in all those activities organized by the centre which have education and children as their aim. Likewise, the Islamic Culture Centre will be implicated in SATUC’s work, providing technical support and advisory services for some of the events and missions that Sheikha’s organization carry out in the future.

During the meeting, Sheikha Althani had the opportunity to explain to Dr. Al Dubayan the origins of SATUC and the main challenges it has faced in its brief but fruitful history. She highlighted that although her organization is a young project, her humanitarian work started a decade ago, at her very early years.
As an example of it, Sheikha referred to her missions in Egypt, Malawi or Sudan, as well as her more recent collaboration with UK based organizations focused on solving to the plight of disadvantaged children, such as Sense Scotland.

Besides, Sheikha took the opportunity to vindicate her belief in education as one of SATUC’s main driving forces, as she is convinced that it is the most crucial tool children have to guarantee a better future. Dr. Dubayan agreed with Sheikha’s position and they both committed to explore options to help children at home, as well as to support those who go to study abroad.

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