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Salman Rushdie -Tony Blair should also kinght Altaf Hussain and Osma Bin laden

Dr Shahid Qureshi: –
By awarding Knighthood to Slaman Rushdie the most hated person in the Muslim world Tony Blair seems to be saying “Your rubbish is my bread and butter” as was written on a rubbish collecting truck. He is been very provocative, insensitive and selfishly has no care about the feelings of two million British Muslims and more than a billion worldwide.

How would Tony Blair feel if Muslim countries started awarding similar type of highest awards to Osama bin Laden for his services against the Soviets in 1980s or Gerry Adam MP leader of the Irish Republican Party ‘sin fin’ of Northern Ireland?

Various British governments have been collecting that kind of ‘rubbish’ in the form of corrupt politicians with lot of looted money to invest and deposit, leaders, pseudo intellectuals with anti Muslim agenda, mostly from the commonwealth countries.

It seems British citizen Alatf Hussain might be knighted soon for his community service in Karachi from his multi million pound offices in London. Imran Khan called him, ‘number one terrorist of Pakistan’. President Musharaf also called Altaf Hussain ‘a terrorist’ according to PML (N) Leader Shabaz Sharif.

On the one hand Blair talks about religious harmony and dialogue but on the other he adopted totally one-sided anti Muslim policies. He ignored the feelings of more than a billion Muslims world wide.

He killed many birds by doing this firstly he pleased his pro Israel and anti Iran advisors, one of whom Lord Levy was allegedly involved in cash for honors.

He is leaving a political and diplomatic mess for Gordon Brown. It is like angry tenant rack the house before leaving!

Thousands left Labor Party including British Muslims because of Blair’s policies. Blair and his policies has done more harm to the Labor Party than any one else. Blair and his policies has harmed British interests more than any one else. His wife Cherie Booth’s family called Tony Blair ‘a Tory’ (conservative party member).

I feel sorry for the civil servants who are/have been working hard both in the Home Office and Foreign Commonwealth Office (Engagement with Muslim world Unit) to develop engaging with the Muslims strategy for few years.

A five member British Pakistani delegation including Dr Shaz Mehbob ‘Progressive British Muslims’ went to Pakistan and talked to the press at the FCO few weeks ago.There is no doubt that FCO civil servants seemingly doing their best but some times they are compelled to change, for example, changing the name of Islamic Media Unit due to reported pressure from the strong Jewish lobby in the British media.

Association of Pakistani Lawyers (APL) a team of Pakistani origin lawyers, Solicitors, Barristers, & Judges in UK jointly express deepest dismay at blatant disregard to the 2 million Muslim sensitivities in UK and billions around the world whilst granting Knighthood to Salman Rushdie.

APL confirmed that this honor is given at a time when Muslims are working hard to bridge both communities after the events of September 11th and 7 July and are subject to victimization via various heavy handed laws and honoring those who cause the divide further will alienate the main stream community and will not go well with the Muslim Community and demanded withdrawal of that status forthwith as the writer’s contribution is not only conflicting but have caused to hurt billions of human souls around the world. British Government must own the responsibility and make amends of this lapse like they did at the death of Lady Diana the princess of hearts.

“APL pointed out that OIC must take notice and revisit their efforts to canvass Islamic countries to put joint diplomatic pressure on the grant of such unworthy honor and consider setting up Islamic highest court of all Islamic countries to issue a joint declaration against the writer and grant of such honor”.

Tony Blair is good in making mess and ignoring people’s opinion and not accepting responsibility. He will be remembered in the history as some one who lied to the nation and took Britain to war by colluding with Bush and caused deaths and injury to millions of people.

Thank God we won’t be seeing him lying through his teeth anymore. He blamed media for his disastrous and failed foreign policy. By knighting Rushdie Blair government has confirmed it’s continuously provocative, anti Muslim and Islamophobic polices.

Tony Blair arrogantly refused to accept responsibility for his actions instead; he took this country into an illegal war on the basis of lies, dodgy dossiers and deception. He refused to have a public enquiry into the terrorist events of 7th July 2005?

(Dr Shahid Qureshi is award winning senior investigative journalist and writer on international terrorism, security, and foreign policy based in London)

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