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Sainsbury’s offers petrol for less than £1 a litre

Spend £30 or more at Sainsbury’s before Wednesday 4th March and you will receive a voucher to reduce the cost of your fuel by 10p per litre.

As prices stand, this will push the price of unleaded petrol below £1 per litre.

Savings and eligibility

Shoppers will be issued with a voucher when they spend £30 in supermarkets, convenience stores or online (in one transaction), which they can then present at one of Sainsbury’s petrol filling stations to receive the discount.

Sainsbury’s estimates that the move could save a customer driving a family saloon as much as £12.44 compared to the price of filling up their car this time last year. That’s based on the assumption you drive an unleaded car, and fill up the tank with 40 litres of fuel.

Certain products such as spirits, scratchcards, fuel and tobacco are not included in the qualifying spend, and nor is the charge for delivery if you’re shopping online.

Vouchers will remain valid for 14 days and will be marked with a date of expiry. Note that to be eligible to receive a voucher with an online shop, your delivery needs to arrive on or before Wednesday 4th March. You can read the full terms and conditions on the Sainsbury’s website.


While the Sainsbury’s offer sounds like a pretty good deal, since £30 on a weekly shop isn’t an unreasonable amount, you might not have one near you. If you do your shopping elsewhere, you might find the Tesco Clubcard Fuel Save scheme of interest – that allows you to save up to 20p per litre of fuel at its petrol stations.

Morrisons operates the Fuel Saver program, but it’s not particularly attractive. Shoppers can buy gift cards in store to spend elsewhere, which knocks 1p off the price of a litre of fuel for each £10 in gift card value. So you need to visit Morrisons, then drive over to another shop to use your gift card, possibly negating the small saving you’ve made.

To make the most of your cheap(er) fuel, remember to drive as smoothly as possible and keep an eye on the condition of your car. Avoiding sharp braking and accelerating can save you up to 15% on your fuel costs, says the RAC, while underinflated tyres can increase fuel consumption by up to 2%.

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