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Saarland minister wants intelligence tests to pick out talented refugees: report

(London Post)    Saarland’s interior minister has said his state is considering intelligence tests for refugees to speed up integration. The report comes amid efforts to improve the integration of migrants and refugees in Germany.

In an interview with the German newspaper “Rheinische Post” on Saturday, Klaus Bouillon said the government of the southwestern state of Saarland was considering implementing intelligence tests for refugees.

“We also want to start a pilot project in which we use an intelligence test to find where [a refugee’s] talent lies and in which occupation we can put them or educate them,” Bouillon said.

When asked who would participate in the program, the interior minister said anywhere between 600 and 700 refugees would voluntarily take part in the beginning.

“It’s in cooperation with the Federal Employment Agency and other renowned labor experts,” Bouillon said.

A ‘high-risk situation’

During his interview with the newspaper, he also discussed the threat of terrorism that comes with the taking in so many people, saying that there are many dangerous people who enter the country disguised as refugees.

“Let’s face it: We do not know exactly how many troublemakers in the country there are,” he said. “We in Germany find ourselves in a high-risk situation.”

Bouillon emphasized the need for more Muslim sources within Germany to help locate potentially threatening individuals.

German officials recently touted a draft law designed to help improve the integration process in Germany. Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel called the legislation a “historic step.”

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