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Qatri Princess condemns killings of children in Gaza

(London – PR) Sheikha Sheikha Al Thani condemns brutal Israeli attacks on innocent children of Gaza, who had nothing to do with this political conflict. The mad decisions of political leaders are paid for by innocent people. Yet, they suffer and lose their lives under the silence of international organizations that should have stood firmly against international violence or violations against human rights or children rights.

Those innocent children should be cared for as they are the future, but wars are cruel tool to kill, wound and displace them.

Therefore, SATUC condemns such barbaric attack against children, and condemns all wars as tools of destruction and pain, not only for children, but also by women and elderly.

In fact, many civic institutions hold conferences to denounce such attacks and demand protection for children, women and elderly from political conflicts and criminal acts. However children have nothing to do with all of this, they suffer the most.

SATUC demands the United Nations and all decision-makers in the world to take the necessary measures to ensure the safety of children and women in these conflicts, and to judge those responsible for acts of violence or terrorism against them before the international tribunal as a war crime. Moreover, SATUC calls governments all over the world to build schools for children instead of killing them. Those children are already suffering and in bad need for help. Wars make them suffer even more and incite hatred in their hearts instead of love for their suffering. Children of Gaza have rights and dreams like other children all over the world. Those dreams should be achieved, not die.

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