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Qatar and Saudi Arabia Must find Peaceful Solution – Seminar in UK Parliament

(By Yasmin Kocharli – London): –

‘We stand with Qatar’ – a Group launched at Westminster in London. It is group of London based volunteers and human rights activists who arranged a seminar in British House of Parliament in London.  The topic was Qatar under siege’. It was in the context of ongoing tensions between Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

The other serious tensions in the region between Saudi Arabia, Iran, Bahrain, Yemen, Syria and Iraq were also mentioned by the participants.

Speakers mentioned about the growing role of Iran in the region and use of ‘Velyat e Faqih’ theory to interfere in the other countries and use of Shia Muslim in those countries by Iran a political tool.

Speakers also said: ‘It seems US is secretly supporting Iran, as on the one hand it eliminated Taliban from Afghanistan and on the other hand it killed enemy number one Saddam Hussain. It provided a direct route to Shia militia to join in pro – Assad regime in Syria.

Qatar - We stand with Qatar

A video was played which described the chain of events in Qatar and regional GCC countries.

A comment from the audience said: ‘restrictions on Qatar Airways are supposed to harm the economy of the country.

Mohammed Majar said: ‘Qatar is one of the countries where people have freedom of speech and dialogue as well human rights records are much better’.

Dr Shahid Qureshi writer and journalist said: “Bashing a small country won’t make any one powerful.”

Dr Qureshi said: ‘it is very cruel to shut down water and other essential needs of people in the month of Ramadan’.

Dr Qureshi said: ‘Is Qatar going to be new Kuwait? When some friends of Saddam Hussain asked him to invade the country and later attacked by the same friends? UK has enormous influence on these countries obviously, they are its ‘babies’.

“West hypocrisy about democracy is very well known in the Muslim World as it picks and choose. A democratically elected president Morsi is in prison but West and US is supporting a military dictator with 7% mandate. Hamas winning the democratic elections is also not acceptable.” Said a speaker.

A lot of questions asked at the event remained unanswered, such as: “Where does the West, US and UK Stand in this situation?” “Is this conflict heading to the other war in the Middle East?”

One question interested audience the most was why the position of UK in this conflict is so blurry?”

Jonathan Fryer commented on this: “I don’t represent UK Government, so I can’t reply for them, however what we see in media is not always what is really happening and a lot of things could be happening behind scenes.”

“The fact that the UAE has good relationship with Iran is very interesting. He also said that probably UK is too busy with Brexit and other more important problems at the moment to spend time on a little country far away”.

One of the organizers, Turkan, stated: “that the official version of the conflict, that Qatar is supporting terrorist organization Muslim Brotherhood, could not be the truth, as Muslim Brotherhood already proved that they are not terrorists in Egypt”.

At the end of the event audience was asked, what could be the solution for this conflict, and how to raise awareness to support Qatar.

Mohammed Majar talked about actions that could help, mentioning that we have to “Shout” about it.

Dr Shahid Qureshi said that instead of “shouting” we could use Media, the most powerful weapon nowadays and a writing campaign. The participants agreed on the point of writing and using multi-dimension tools.

Dr Shahid Qureshi said: ‘Few years ago during the Afghanistan War and there was a move to close down Al-Jazeera. I said to Bureau Chief of Al-Jazeera in London: ‘you can start another channel by name of ‘Mountain’. ‘The point is that it is about ideology and belief in freedom of speech not the name of the channel.’

The organisers said that we could not be remain indifferent to political situation in the World and particularly to the attitude of Arab countries towards Qatar.

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