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Putin – Cameron discussed bilateral cooperation, terrorism in Syria

(Turkey G-20) In a meeting on the sidelines of the G20 summit, Vladimir Putin discussed with British Prime Minister David Cameron the outlook for developing bilateral cooperation, the situation in Syria, and the fight against terrorism – http://goo.gl/j2qpcO

 In The course of the meeting in the fields of the summit of the group of twenty, Mr. Vladimir Putin, discussed with the British Prime Minister David Cameron the prospects for the development of bilateral cooperation, the situation in Syria, the questions of the fight against terrorism.

In. Putin: Dear Mr. Prime Minister, good morning!

Yesterday we had already been working together for a whole day. We have, of course, a lot of questions of a bilateral nature, there is an opportunity to discuss in more detail and urgent international problems.

We are very pleased that the United Kingdom joined the work at the vienna format. The recent tragic events, in particular, in France, they say that we have to just – and it was high time to do it – to combine efforts to combat this scourge, terrorism.

With regard to bilateral relations, unfortunately, they are not the best of times, however, there is a certain recovery, including through the intergovernmental commission.

We as a whole was established a good mechanism of interaction on different areas of our cooperation. And, it seems to me that there is a need to analyze everything that was done positive in the previous time, look to the future and to establish concrete plans for the development of our relations.

Very pleased to be able to meet with you in a bilateral format.

D. Cameron (as translated): Thank you very much, Mr. President, Vladimir. This is a great opportunity for us to talk right now.

In the first and foremost, I would like to express condolences in connection with the tragic events and the loss of your citizens.

We are meeting after a completely horrible tragic events in Paris, and, as you said, we need to work together to ensure that the fight against terrorism. I’m sure we will have an opportunity to discuss and this issue, and and the question on Syria today.

And, as you said, we will have the opportunity to discuss our bilateral relations. Thank you for this opportunity.

In. Putin: thank you, David, for the words of condolence. For us, it’s a big, heavy loss.

I want to thank you for a phone call very recently, when you have expressed their concerns about the causes of the tragedy and shared information received from the British special services. Thank you.

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