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Prove Pakistan exist in Court?

By Dr Shahid Qureshi  : –

The recent report by the Judicial Commission of Pakistan, formed by the supreme court of Pakistan and the releasing on bail by High Court of Ayan Ali a model, escort and US dollar smuggler red handed. She was represented by Latif Khosa, former governor Punjab, a PPP leader and Farooq Naik former President and chairman senate another PPP leader. In all this mafia syndication a poor Customs inspector was murdered who caught her with half million dollars at the airport inside the security zone with her boarding card.  Proved one thing that state system is corrupt and failed to protect poor citizens of the state.

Pakistan is run by mafias and criminal syndicates deep rooted in the society while corrupt politicians are on top of this syndicate. The way it is run now by ‘same old, same old’ group of criminals. They have judges, civil servants, and people from military establishment in their pockets. This syndicate is running on the ‘motto’ of ‘join us or we will eliminate you’.

They have so far failed to destroy the military institution to some extent. Their plan is to bring army under their criminal wings and use it like they are using police to harass, kill and eliminate their opponents. The police has taken the role of ‘rouge militia’ with the full support of judges and judiciary. Millions of Pakistani are humiliated and robbed in the courts everyday as some judges and lawyers have joined the criminal mafias. The judicial system is designed to protect the criminals not the victims?

An age when foreign companies have complete 3-D data of every town, city and street of Pakistan the land records are kept on papers to support the land grabbing mafias involved in terrorist harbouring and financing. I have written on this issue extensively even interior minister Nisar Ali Khan asked me to give him my reports on Pakistan at the prestigious IISS where he was delivering a lecture few months ago.

Report: https://thelondonpost.net/pakistan-will-eliminate-terrorism-and-its-financier-mafia-sources/

Now I will have to prove that Pakistani governments are responsible for the innocent killings, murders, rapes, kidnappings and played major part in the increasing of military deaths as terrorists launched from towns and cities were left open by the corrupt police and mafias.

The land mafia criminal gang took over my own house and filed a case against us that we have taken over the house. It was a criminal syndicate of ruling PML-N politicians, judges, police and lawyers in the heart of Lahore. It took me over 18 months to fight with them and in the end got my house back with an apology from the judge himself. Apart from all the evidence I could not prove that I built and own the house since 2004 when criminal qabza group presented fake documents made in 2011. No wonder Supreme Court judges who seems to live in planet Mars could not see any wrong doings in the 2013 general elections and systematic failures of the election commission?

  1. Is it true that election commission failed to conduct free and fair elections in the country therefore discrepancies are so high that all the politicians admitted that elections were rigged?
  2. Obviously it was failure of the (systematic failure) of the election commission in conducting the elections therefore why should people of Pakistan suffer?
  3. Did the judges asked the election commission as why over 20.5 million votes are not verifiable and why supporting documents form 14 and form 15 in millions are missing?
  4. If the answer to the above question by the election commission is in YES than elections are flawed and there is a systematic failure?
  5. Those who took advantage of this system failure in the election system and procedures are benefices whether they did in an organised manner or seat by seat. A failed system produced a flawed results?
  6. It was the job of the ‘election commission’ to prove that they have conducted elections ‘free, fair and transparent’ not the contesting candidates or parties?
  7. It was the responsibility of the enquiry judicial commission to call in all the departments responsible to present the evidence and not the complainant as they don’t have it?
  8. For example in a university examination when one handed over the completed paper to the examiner it becomes property of the university and it is the responsibility of the university to assess, evaluate and keep safe my exam paper?
  9. Similarly a balloted (cast) vote is the property of the election commission and its responsibility to asses, evaluate and keep safe. If balloted votes failed assessment and identifiable evaluation process than they are null and void?
  10. If the votes balloted and votes printed not adding up it is the fault of the election commission and not the contestant. If this systematic failure is at large scale than there is no doubt elections are not valid?
  11. Will anyone accept in the university examination situation where university says we could not asses and evaluate your exam paper and therefore you have failed?

All the politicians and corrupt elite have become billionaires in a short period from bicycle to private jets, from huts to villas and when someone asked where did you get all this wealth they prove me wrong in the court. It is the politician’s responsibility to prove him or her clean and there is no need to go to court as wealth and assets are visible and known in the form of life style and living? 0ver 150 mega scandals with NAB are they real?

There is no doubt that courts have completely failed to protect the life and limbs of the citizens of Pakistan. Millions of cases are lying in the courts where poor people are humiliated by the police and court officials every day, lawyers going on strokes, judges going on strikes.

No wonder people prefer to go to Taliban courts and Jirgas for justice. A country where every one is saying 2013 elections were rigged, flawed and corrupted but Supreme Court judicial Commission three senior judges could not find anything wrong in it? A S Dowlat former chief of Indian agency Raw said: why kill them when you can corrupt them’.

(Dr Shahid Qureshi is senior analyst with BBC and editor of The London Post. He writes on security, terrorism and foreign policy. He also appears as analyst on Al-Jazeera, Press TV, MBC, Kazak TV (Kazakhstan), Turkish TV, LBC Radio London. He was also international election observer for Kazakhstan 2015, March 2016 and Pakistan 2002. He has written a famous book “War on Terror and Siege of Pakistan” published in 2009. He is a PhD in Political Psychology and also studied Law at a British University)

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